September 12, 2013

Resa's First Birthday Party

Resa - or Resa Rie as she's called round these parts - turned one in late May. I wasn't sure what kind of theme to have for her birthday party but finally decided to go with a "sweet" and purple and pink theme because she is just the sweetest little girl ever.  
"Resa Marie Sweet as can be"

"Please help us celebrate one year of sweet Resa sleeping through the night and lots of smiles at her 1st birthday party!"

We had a morning party so her afternoon nap wouldn't be disturbed. 
The snacks where therefore sweet breakfast-y foods:
homemade cinnamon rolls
cupcakes with purple icing
donuts and donut holes
fruit salad
pink lemonade

Not sure why the coloring is so weird in this picture but for a simple and easy decoration I put down a pink, plastic tablecloth and some purple flowers.

Here's the birthday girl with her great grandpa and big sister.

When it was time for cake Katie cut a hole in some leftover tablecloth and we slipped it over T's head.

She hated it.

She would have a bite of sweet cake and stop crying for a moment. 
And then she'd start crying again. 
So we moved on to presents.

The grandpas sat in the living room watching a movie and her siblings swooped in to help open gifts.

We are so blessed to have all our immediate family close enough to celebrate with us. We were even joined by some friends. And Ben put a box on his head because the fun never ends at our house.

So there it is: the long awaited (by no one but me) recap of Resa's first birthday party. I love my little sweetie pie. She is so cute with her little cub feet, her "mama" and "baba" and "hi"s, and her ridiculous love of ketchup. Seriously, that girl has dipped Oreos in chocolate and used the cookie as a means to eat the condiment. That's messed up. 


  1. So beautiful Bonnie - and what a perfect theme! I love love love first birthdays. So much joy. Except with the cake. I've only had one kid enjoy that part ;)

  2. Breakfast b-day party for a kid: best idea ever.

  3. Oh, so sweet! Happy belated birthday, Teresa! (By the way, I have a sister named Teresa, also with a May birthday. :) )

  4. Katie failed. It seemed like such a good idea... :)

  5. Cute! She really is a sweet baby. I think Lucas and Tyler would like to steal her, so you better watch out.

  6. What a sweetie! Happy birthday Teresa!

  7. So many cute ideas! She's adorable :)