November 19, 2013

Five Favorites

Linking up with Hallie to share my Five Favorites for the week.

1 - This song:

Seriously, I heard this song on the radio and fell in love. I made myself remember "pray to the moon in the middle of the night" until I could safely jot it down (I was driving when the song came on). Then I googled the lyric and did a little happy dance when I found the right song. It's a little different, but maybe you'll like it too.

2 - This support:

From the Chicago Tribune you can read about how people all over the state are trying to get belongings (pictures, bridal veils, unopened mail) carried away by the tornado back to their belongings.

The 173 thousand people who have liked the Washington IL Tornado Recovery page is just awesome.

My old friend Cassie is raising money with her son, Logan, to donate to the efforts in Washington. You can give to her American Red Cross campaign by clicking here.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

3 - This image of Mary:
It's called Our Lady of the Night and as a mom with a baby who isn't sleeping so well right now, well, I just really really really love it.

4 - These books:
Yes, I am very late to the game. They never sounded good to me but then I watched the movie and really liked it. Then my friend mentioned she owned The Hunger Games and said I could borrow it. I devoured it. Another friend said her daughter had the other two books and now they are in my home. Tomorrow, I begin Catching Fire.

5 - This ring:
It's definitely not a possibility for our budget but I would love to have a ring like this with birthstones for my kids' births and in the center the stone for our anniversary month. That would be turquoise in the middle, two emeralds, two sapphires, and a ruby - with room for more in case more is needed. (I am not pregnant.)


  1. What a beautiful image on Mary! Thank you for sharing. I, too, have a baby who isn't so much a fan of sleeping through the night. It's Our Mother whom I pray to for patience at 3am when it's really hard to come by...
    Thank you for your posts and for allowing me a peek into your life as you live faithfully through/with your beautiful family.

    1. Oh! And one question: Where did you happen to find this image/do you know who it's by? Thanks :)

    2. errr, I saw it on Pinterest. I have no idea who made it. Sorry!

  2. Like you, I was not interested in The Hunger Games until I watched the movie. Given my taste in books and movies, I should have been interested in the story, but every time someone suggested them to me I replied with a polite "not interested". Once I watched the movie, I called several of my family members and friends asking to borrow their books. I read all three of them in under a week. Catching Fire is my favorite. Enjoy!

  3. I held out against the Hunger Games (thinking they were totally not my style) until my husband got me the first book. It was all downhill from there.

    Also, I had to find the image, and found that it is by Sr. Marie Pierre Semler here:

  4. I feel better about myself that I'm also wayy late to the Hunger Games madness. I read the first one over the summer, and loved it! Thinking of checking out the movie over Thanksgiving break...

  5. Love the Mary pic. She also gets a lot of shoutouts from me in the middle of the night. I also love the birthstone ring! Maybe a 20 or 25th wedding anniversary gift to make sure we get all the birthstones in there :)

  6. What a cool idea for a ring! I might have to copy your blog Bonnie!

  7. I love this depiction of Mary! I was so taken by it, I did some searching. It's a painting by a Maryknoll Sister, her website is
    She has more beautiful paintings of Mary!

  8. My Mom got a ring like that when she was done having kids! It is beautiful... aquamarine, ruby, and I think diamond and emerald? She has four kids.

  9. Song is way cool.

    I totally haven't even read The Hunger Games but I really would love to find something good and you've done all the work for me! I recently (as in, this week) had to ban the library for us, because between fines and damaged books we have paid the library $59.09 since January. I know, my eyes were buggin' outta my head. BUT I bet I could find it used on Amazon for a couple of bucks!

    Wow, TMI. Sorry!