November 27, 2013

pre-Thanksgiving fail

Today is my baking day. I've got bread and rolls to take to my mom's tomorrow. Rolls to take to my in-laws on Friday. Rolls and cookies I'm baking for a friend -she paid me so they have to be good!

Last night I mixed up my first batch of rolls, let them rise, shaped them, put them in the oven to rise again overnight. I also mixed up the cookie dough so it'd be ready to shape and bake first thing in the morning. Lastly, I started the bread in the bread machine.

I went to bed so ahead of the game.

But this morning the cookies didn't bake right so now I'm making them again. Boo hiss.

And those beautiful rolls that were raising overnight? Well, somehow the dropped (I think it was my fault, though I wish I could blame the kids.) I baked them up anyways, for us to eat.

 They look like my grandmother's upper arm.

So I had to start those over again.

At least the bread machine loaf of bread turned out well. I can cross one thing off my list.

I also got a new recipe up over at the poor, oft neglected cooking blog of mine.

You could also use leftover turkey and make a turkey pot pie. Just in case.

Hope you're pre-Thanksgiving is going better than mine!


  1. I am so grateful for my return to health via the elimination of wheat... but MAN do I miss this part of holidays and holy days. I'm baking today but with flours so expensive that I cry when I ruin a batch of something. I know it's cheaper than medical care, but still... I'd love to just whip up a batch of lovely wheat floury something. So I thought I would say thank you for this post because I'm living vicariously through you at this moment! Happy Thanksgiving, Bonnie!

    1. Ditto ! This is my first holiday season gluten free.. So rough. Bonnie I live vicariously through u!

  2. "Your grandmother's upper arm!" Bwah-ha-ha! Made my day. You are so funny, Bonnie. And I am totes jealous of your breadmaker.

  3. Double the bread-maker jealousy.

  4. I'm cracking up to about your grandmother's upper arm. Hilarious! Happy Thanksgiving!