November 13, 2013

Two Birthdays and a Baptism

This past September JF turned 3 and Ben turned 4.
JF wanted a Mickey Mouse birthday party but Ben insisted on a Thomas the Train birthday party.
I insisted on having one birthday party.

Because I had a newborn invitations were not made and mailed out; instead I emailed everyone and did things super easy.

Red, yellow, and blue balloons, some pendants, and a red tablecloth.
Definitely festive enough.

Then my sister-in-law and mother-in-law volunteered to make the cakes.
And they went above and beyond.
Oh my gosh, seriously!

Pinterest success!

An old standard that thrilled my miracle boy. 
The best part is that JF's cake was completely safe for him to eat. 

They worked on these cakes for hours. Just decorating Mickey took more than an hour!
We are blessed, blessed! by our generous family.

Then, in August our little JP was baptized.
Here he is, meeting his godmother (and her baby bump) for the first time.

So fresh and so clean-clean!

The wonderful Nick and Mia, JP's godparents, are friends of ours from college. They are so fun and we love them a ton, even though they prefer Superman over Batman. (silly, silly, silly)
Don't you just want to say, "Shhhhh, JP. It's okay."


  1. So when my 4th baby was born 14 months after my 3rd (and my oldest was only 4) my Mom decided that instead of presents, my family should just throw the Baptism party for me. It WAS AWESOME! I just picked the date, and they set up, made food, cleaned up. I'm hoping that happens again with this baby. I really think gifts of service like the cakes you got are so much better than a new baby outfit!

    Oh, and I know it will be more painful, but I'm really hoping for a chubby baby like Joseph! I love him!

    One last thing, do you read Maggie over at From the Heart blog? Your friend Mia looks just like her!

    1. Oh my gosh! You're right! Maggie and Mia do look alike! Maggie has always seemed familiar to me and now I know why.

      Mystery solved.

    2. I was wondering the same thing. I even thought " Mia short for Maggie somehow" and "yeah, I know I don't read her all the time, but did I miss that she was pregnant". :)

  2. Those cakes are amazing. I'm never showing my kids, because I don't have skills like that!

  3. I also prefer Superman. I like my vampires angsty and my superheroes unconflicted.

  4. Superman is the best. Although I wouldn't call him unconflicted. Have you seen Man of Steel... And tons of people are conflicted about that movie. Silly silly silly people :) love your batman lovin' heart Bonnie!

    1. I thought Man of Steel had a cool pro-life message, but it totally did not GET Superman. It was a Batman guy making a Superman movie. They needed Joss Whedon to do it!