December 16, 2013

Books for under the Christmas Tree

This Christmas I'm all about the books.

Books I'm going to give to my kids:
For my kindergartner: This book was so sweet. I'm giving it to L because it's about a little girl at a Catholic school - just like her! I really love the illustrations and I know L will like the book - and the time we spend reading it together.

For all the kiddos: The following Christmas books were all recommended by bloggers whose opinions I really respect. So if Kendra, Charlotte, or Haley said it was good I'm going to believe that it's good. I'm trying to build our family's collection of quality Christmas books because I really want to do the whole "unwrap a book each day of Christmas and read it together" and this will get me closer to the goal of 12 good, solid Christmas books. So in no particular order:
by Frank McCourt

by Barbara Berger

by Gloria Whelan

by Richard Scarry

by Margaret Wise Brown

There's the books I'm going to give adults:
For my dad, who is incredibly difficult to shop for. Last year I just baked him a bunch of chocolate chip cookies but now he had diabetes (not my fault!) so giving him cookies again would kinda seem like a death threat, don't ya think? But the man loves John Wayne and he started practicing his faith again after JF was born so I am really excited to get him this book:

For a friend. He doesn't really read books but he does drive a lot and I'm pretty sure that he'll really enjoy this book. So it's an audio book for him, which I think will pretty much be the same thing as giving him an audio copy of one of Jim Gaffigan's stand-up routines. And maybe I'll give him some Hot Pockets, too, because I'm good at doing things I think are hilarious but no one else understands.
by Jim Gaffigan

For a friend. Mary Beth founded the mom group at my parish and is really wonderful, even if she thinks I'm living my life with one foot in the grave. She makes the most delicious vegetable soups, salads, and is always cooking with healthy, real food and I'm bringing in cinnamon rolls. When I first heard about this cookbook / Christian living book I knew that I wanted to get a copy for Mary Beth.
by Daniel and Haley Stewart

For someone who reads my blog and so I will therefore say nothing else. Except that I read this book and it was hilarious and really, really moving. Seriously, people, I loved it and I can't wait to share it with my loved one.
by Cari Donaldson

And the book I want:
I seriously asked my mother-in-law to wrap a certificate saying she had pre-ordered the book for me. I don't know if I'll get it but if I don't I'm using the money my grandpa always gives me to buy it.
by Jennifer Fulwiler


  1. Jim had his cancer treatments at the same hospital John Wayne did (but, um, more successfully), there was a bust of him in the lobby and someone on the staff told us about his conversion. So cool. So we asked for his intercession while Jim was having his treatments. And it worked, so there ya go.

  2. I recommend "Between Heaven and Mirth" by Fr. James Martin, S.J. The official chaplain of the Colbert Report can't be wrong. ;)

  3. Kendra, that is a very cool story! How wonderful. Bonnie, I hope your dad loves the book! And your picture book pics are all great. When my girls were younger, I added a beautiful, new picture book every year to our collection. These days, they all sit under the Jesse Tree through Advent, and I still read them aloud. :)

  4. Also? The idea of giving someone Hot Pockets for Christmas made laugh out loud.

  5. I love the book "Dad is Fat." Hilarious.

  6. I loved the book on the death bed conversions...I have always been a John Wayne family teases me that instead of seeing St. Peter at the pearly gates someday, I'll see the Duke ;)
    great suggestions.

  7. Books are great presents. I'm thinking of hitting up the local Goodwill (which is the best place to find cheap books for the kiddies) for my kids for Christmas…because praise the LORD looking at books is an activity which can engross them for hours. Much like my son is now engrossed in methodically spreading all of the clean laundry over the house. Ah well… thanks for the book recommendations, they all look good!

  8. I want Something Other Than God, too! I love book posts and thanks for including the cookbook.

  9. Books are great gift ideas! I started my search for "paper" themed gifts (1st anniversary soon), and ended up buying Christmas, Anniversary, and Valentine gifts that are all in book form!

  10. You had to do it, didn't you??? If I buy another book, my husband will never forgive me!! But, I'm a sucker for anything written by Margaret Wise Brown, and Jennifer's book will be on my Amazon wish list the second I leave here. Have a Merry Christmas, Bonnie!