December 1, 2013

for the win

Because I don't have my act together (and we were out of town for Thanksgiving) I just did the annual hand print turkey craft with my kids today. 1 piece of construction paper + hand print + additional bits to make it look like a turkey + child's name, age, and list of what they're grateful for = as crafty as it gets in these parts.

I keep these hand print Thanksgiving lists with the fall decorations and I love reading the lists each year.

Resa said "monkey" "fingers" and "daddy".

JF said "me" "mommy" "daddy" "trains" "walks" and he named his siblings.

Ben said "chocolate" "coloring" "playing" "going to Mass" and he also named his siblings.

L wrote her own list which included "Jeezus" and "famlee".

 Also, I totally haven't purchased Advent candles for our wreath. I'm going to town tomorrow (doesn't that sound so small town and folksy?) so I'll get some then. It's not that big of a deal, though, because I still have Thanksgiving decorations sitting out.

Yesterday afternoon we were coming home from my in-laws and stopped to rent a movie. I thought I'd surprise my husband and get the final season of Breaking Bad, because he loves it but can only watch it on Netflix, which means he hasn't seen the last season.

When I got to the car he was appreciative but pointed out that I only got episodes 4-7.  Oops.

Then, I said I'd drive home because he was tired and his stomach hurt. And I hit the curb and we got a flat tire. So then he got to lay on the cold ground and change the tire, after fighting an epic battle to get the spare out of the secret compartment in the van. All said, it took an hour.

I'm so helpful!

The pictures in this post are from my cousin-in-law's house. I love H's sense of style and I am super duper jealous of her home. I love it. Built-ins, radiators topped with marble, all original unpainted woodwork and trim.

Try to look past the guitar case and baby gate and notice the beauty of this staircase. The landing has a little alcove with seating. There's also seating where the guitar case is resting. It's gorgeous. And people, they have a butler's pantry! 

Finally, I'm trying to go gluten free for the month of December. So far I've eaten a lot of potato chips and drank two Dr. Pepper Tens. If anyone has better survival tricks please share!

PS - My sister-in-law is awesome. She braided my hair like Katniss Everdeen's because I'm a geek and she's good with hair. Love it!

PPS - Congrats to Sarah who won the Feast! giveaway! Sarah I sent you an email so you can get your gift. Yay! Happy liturgical living to you!


  1. Crafts? Who said there have to be Thanksgiving crafts? Do peeling potatoes count as a craft, because that's what happened around here.

    I never have my advent candles if we're traveling for Thanksgiving. Gluten free: You need nuts, meats, olives, cheese. Think Antipasto. Veggies and hummus. Tortilla chips, salsa, queso, bean dip. Also, I love a bowl of rice chex. I'm going to try these gluten free cookies, now that I invested in unsweetened coconut and almond flour.

  2. That is a beautiful home! On another note, Bonnie, I have had to adhere to a strict diet for the last month and a half for some digestive issues. Let me know if you want some tips for this kind of lifestyle (because truly you have to look at it that way...diets always fail). My biggest motivation is this: Choose foods that will compliment and balance your system. For instance, shop as much as you can in the produce section. Find new ways to make this kind of food come alive for you. Start to discover herbs and spices how tumeric not only makes soup taste amazing, but it's health benefits outweigh any vitamin. Also, our bodies are usually hungry the most when we tell it we are starving it...or depriving it. Don't look at it that way. In my case, if I falter and binge on even "good" foods, I am in extreme pain. And I feel guilty. And I hate my body. Don't do that ;) If you like chips (or crunchy things) try making your own plaintain chips in the oven - super easy...and no gluten or sugar. Carrots and brussel sprout "leaves" also bake up just like kale chips if you get the knack of it. Cinnamon on apple slices make them taste sweeter. A HANDFUL of nuts and a few raisins are a great snack. (wait am I rambling??)

    Also, also...with eating healthy, I've always found that it's important to balance out the other areas of your life or you will always just sit around wondering about food. You know what I mean. Whenever I take something out, I always wonder WHAT CAN I EAT!!!??? Don't focus on that. Plan easy bfasts, snacks and lunches for yourself. Perhaps ease into no gluten right away. Have some bread at dinner. But then, get outside and experience the sun, make sure you are praying, read interesting books, do things that make you feel joyful. Does that make sense? Or am I completely going overboard? My situation may be more permanent...therefore I've been thinking about it a lot.

    Just be healthy and happy, that's what I say ;) Over and out. Email me if you want to talk!

  3. Popcorn! Put enough oil (coconut, olive, vegetable) to cover the loose kernels in the pot (better to have a bit more oil than not enough) and put on high heat until pops are 10 (quick) seconds apart. YUM!

    Lunchmeat and cheese slices rolled-up.

    Banana with peanut butter

    Apple slices with peanut butter

    Chobani Greek Yogurt! (pricey but SO MUCH protein!)

    Red Hot Blues Chips with salsa and "guacamole" (read: avocado mashed with splash of salsa, salt and pepper)
    Heck, add cheese and make it nachos! And tell the kids: "These are NACH- yOS!" hahaha I crack myself up. But seriously. Don't share. Momma gotta eat. Make seconds and share those.

    Tea, Coffee and water over soda? Might help a little. Aspartame scares the sh** out of me. It builds plaque on the brain. Yuck! End of Controversial Statement.

  4. Hey Bonnie! Just wanted to let you know i've been on the fence about ditching dairy and gluten to try to get my system in check, and after reading your post yesterday (and a very bloated weekend!), I decided to try it! You inspired me! You know what did it? Reading that you were eating chips and drinking a couple sodas....hadn't totally realized how much my terrible buried perfectionist was sabotaging me before ever trying! I had fish and veggies for dinner and bought coconut milk eggnog to put in my coffee, along with a dark chocolate sea salt bar for weaning my sweettooth with little pieces (ummm so far lots of little pieces...), but i already feel so good this morning after taking the extra, oh, 3 minutes more to fry an egg instead of walking away from the toaster while my english muffin toasted, only to be starving again at 930. :) I am sure i will cheat/fail in some ways as i go,but it's definitely worth the attempt! Thanks for the push ;) (and ps....we dont have our candles thurs at latest! Lol. So it goes. The kids are young...and they arent grading us, right?!) Happy Advent to your whole family!

  5. I've been gluten free for over a year now, and I must say that it does get easier....and tastier as you go. One of my favorite GF snacks is to make a spicy version of Chex mix using only the rice chex GF pretzels, mixed nuts and Vans cheese crackers. Really yummy. BTW, I LOVE that you say "going to town" - never stop!! It's what we ALWAYS say before heading out somewhere. It's country cool. :)