December 1, 2013

Holy Days & Holidays

One of my favorite things about the internet is seeing how other people celebrate, how they fast and feast, how they live the holidays and holy days. I love pictures and reflections, decorations and recipes. Getting glimpses of others' traditions and great ideas - it's so inspiring to me! 

As a wife and mother I want to fill our home with meaningful, beautiful, and fun food, decorations, traditions, and activities. Being a Catholic Christian has added even more importance and joy to my endeavors. 

I share how I do things not because I believe I do them the best, but in hopes that something will inspire others to find or to share what works for their family as they live out their faith. I know that starting to live the Church's liturgical seasons in your home can be really intimidating if you've never done it before, and hopefully some of the following posts will be helpful to you, too.

Are you new to liturgical living? Check out this post first:



Plus I have a whole video series on liturgical living: Knot Bad Videos.

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