January 28, 2014

Watch, Read, Listen

Good morning. I can't sleep so let's blog!

My good friends at the Behold Conference held a contest for a free registration to the March 1st conference. Go watch the videos, hear what real women have to say about Behold and then vote for your favorite! I know the winner will appreciate it!
And then register so we can hang out together at the conference! I know a handful of other great bloggers who will be there and it would be awesome if YOU could be too!

Some good clicks around the internet include
Kathryn kicking off her series on how to choose and afford Catholic school. I'll be back for more.
Rachel has the absolute best summaries of Downton. So unlike me.
Jessica has a whole new look at her blog - which I love! (You read Housewifespice, right? You should, especially if you're bookish. Which I pretend to be because I once was.)
Haley is helping us out by giving us pointers on how to celebrate Candlemas, and what it even is in the first place.
Kendra once again writes a piece where she takes something that most of us do, steps it up a notch, gives it a clever title, and is awesome.

Here's three songs I recently learned about that I'm really loving at the moment. Just thought I'd pass them along to you in case you too have been stuck in a musical rut lately.


  1. Great links, great blogs! I loved finding new blogs through the awards too!!

  2. I went through a REALLY long 'wavin' flags' phase about a year ago. I would play it on repeat, in my office, at home, in my car, etc...
    because it brought me great joy. Because it is awesome.
    And, I have now decided I shall have a 'wavin' flag' dance party after teh boys wake up.
    That is all :)

  3. Okay, I'm hooked on Kathryn's blog. I'm the chair of the Annual Fund this year and she took the words about why to donate right out of my mouth.

    I'd also like to say that I have been blown away by the quality of a Catholic school education. My husband was raised Catholic (I consider myself Mennonite), and only decided to look at our local Catholic school when our public system starting closing several elementary schools a few months before we had to make a decision.

    Best. Decision. Ever. I have spent most of my time reaching out to other non-Catholic families about the quality of the education, and even the non-Catholic tuition rate is cheaper than our daycare costs. :)

    Okay, enough rambling. I feel a blog request coming. lol

    1. Alicia, YOU GO for being the chair of your annual fund. You would make my development director husband very proud. The quality of education my kids have received as a result of Catholic schools is beyond words. All the financial choices we've made have been 100% worth it.

  4. I've followed approximately 20 new blogs in the past week because of you! Not that I'm complaining ;) Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful women with us!

  5. Thanks Bonnie!

    I love Walk Off the Earth.

    And can I just say I'm pretty dissapointed that no one has mentioned the Chicago-style hot dog that Lulu is holding is my high-production-value-custom-photo-illustration?