January 12, 2014

What I Wore Sunday

Don't mind the pink and the hearts... I was just feelin' girly.

Today at Mass there was a definite point in the homily where I wanted to interrupt our priest and say, "Time is up! The kids are barely hanging on and we still have the Liturgy of the Eucharist."

My kids' behavior is actually pretty good but for some reason the 9am Mass (the only time our small parish has Mass on Sunday) is when they are at their worst. Next week we'll have to go back to the 7am at the parish where L goes to school. They're awesome at 7am.

Turtleneck: Bergners
Black Tank: Target
Skirt: JCP
Earrings: Wal-Mart
Hair: top knot bun, courtesy Pinterest tutorial
Red Nail Polish: Revlon

Dress: Christmas gift
Tights: Target
Sparkle Shoes: hand-me-down
Cardigan: hand-me-down
Bun: two bobbi pins

Pink Pea Coat: cutest hand-me-down evah!
Dress: Birthday present for L, hand-me-down for T
Cardigan: Target
Tights: Target
Boots: Christmas gift

PS - I'm so sorry! I completely forgot to link back to the fine ladies at Fine Linen and Purple and their What I Wore Sunday post. So here we are then: click and read from more fashionable ladies.


  1. Everyone looks so cute and colorful! Hope mass goes better next week:)

  2. That hairdo is awesome. You and the girls look lovely. Do Theresa's boots come in my size?

  3. Everyone looks so girlie and colorful! You sure know how to rock a top-knot, Bonnie :)

  4. I think there was an epidemic of 9am-bad-mass behavior this week; we had a rough time too. But love your earrings and top knot, and your girls look darling.

  5. Oh my goodness! I love the bright blue and your cute little bun! And seriously those girls are ADORABLE!

  6. That top knot is so cool! Looks great! Our girls do so much better earlier in the morning too... I wish we could make it to early Mass every week!

  7. I love that blue sweater on you! So bright and cheery. Hope the kiddos are better next week for you.

  8. You look beautiful and do they have an adult size version of Teresa's coat?? Love it!!

  9. Ai carumba! Totally cute! Link to the top knot tut.?

  10. Gorgeous!! :) My children are best at 8AM.. but for some reason we end up at 10:30 because we're lazy and then I end up in the back of church the entire time. Yay!!!


  11. Great photos! I love this blog entry. :) Next time, get all of you ladies together for one colorful photo! (I'm sure the camera can't handle the awesomeness though...)

  12. Loving this, Bonnie! You are beautiful! All the little closeups around the edge are very sweet.

  13. As always, you rock the earrings and bun, my friend. Beautiful ;)