February 23, 2014

Live from Granville! and this week's menu

I'm joining Jen for the blogger challenge of posting every single day this week. Hold on to your hats, boys and girls, it's gonna be a fun, full week!

Actually, this weekend is the Behold Conference so just in case I need to cheat a little bit at the end I thought I'd post today as well.

That's how we do.

Also, in case anyone lives in the northern part of central Illinois I will I will be speaking at Sacred Heart Parish in Granville, Illinois Wednesday, March 5th . Everyone is welcome to attend and there is no charge.

There will be Mass at 6pm at the church (it's Ash Wednesday) and then my talk will follow in the parish hall at 7pm. I will be sharing JF's story of the alleged miracle and I'll be talking about Fulton Sheen and his cause for canonization.

What? You can't come? But you'd love to have me speak at your parish / mom's group / Bible study / youth group / dinner table? Well let's talk about it. I am currently booking dates for late spring through the fall.

Speaking of dinner tables... Here's what's for supper at our house this week:

Sunday: Brinner (bacon, pancakes, eggs, and cinnamon roll bread)
Monday: Chicken Pot Pie (I have a lot of partially used bags of frozen veggies)
Tuesday: Venison Meatloaf with sweet potato mash and green beans
Wednesday: Sloppy Joes, hummus, chips, and carrot sticks
Thursday: Sweet and Sour Chicken with rice, stir fry veggies, and fresh pineapple
Friday: Pasta with olive oil, salt and pepper, with veggies
Saturday: Chicken nuggets and frozen pizza (I'll be at Behold!)

What about you? What's for supper at your house?


  1. Oooh how fun! I'll actually be meal planning today, so no idea yet! Haha. Happy Sunday, Bonnie!

  2. Oh my gosh! Granville is where most of my dad's family is buried and so many lived. My brother lives there, but attends a parish in Peru (for their
    Catholic school.) You may have some of my cousins in the audience ;) Wish I was home visiting. So cool!

  3. Meal planning...ahhh! Need need need to do!

  4. You cook a different thing for dinner every night?! I cook vast quantities of food a couple of times per week and that's what we eat.

    1. You DON'T cook a different dinner every night?!! What does a meal plan for your family look like? And what does a recipe look like that feeds all of you multiple times?