February 25, 2014

The Big Purse Dump

My purse is a diaper bag is actually a carrier bag. 

I've had it since college.
It's carried textbooks, notebooks, pens, and planners.
It's been all around the world with me.
San Francisco, Poland, Scotland, Germany, New York City, Nashville, Italy, England.
It's carried cameras, journals, maps, and passports.

Now it carries...

all this. 
Wallet, wet wipes, lotion, cell phone
(And usually 2 or 3 diapers.)

There's my bag o' stuff with business cards, lip liner, keys, nail polish, chapstick, and more.
Then there's

And that's about it. 

Except now the trash is gone. 

Thanks, Kendra, for hosting this fun little link-up!


  1. Bonnie, your categories are better than mine! I love them.

  2. Hear hear! Your categories rock :)

  3. Oh my gosh! I loved those last three pics. Isn't that the truth?? I want a good leather one some day. One like you have that will stand the test of time and fashion.

  4. Things I have because I'm pretty is the best!

  5. I really want the green purse in the first photo.

    I may have a purse problem. ;-)

  6. I thought I had a purse for a long time. Gurl. You win.

    1. That baby is over ten years old, maybe closer to 13. Probably the best twenty odd bucks I ever spent at Target was spent on that bag.

  7. Love that this bag has gone through life with you! How cool!

  8. Where did you go in Poland? My husband and I are looking to take a big trip there this summer.

    I'm sort of afraid of what I have floating around the bottom of my purse.

    1. Poland was beautiful! You should go!
      We were in Krakow and its surrounding area. We visited JPII's boyhood home, Auschwitz, the Salt Mines, and St. Faustina's convent. We also toured Krakow (a walking tour of the town and special trip to the castle). I loved it all.

  9. Another vote for the awesome-ness of your categories!