March 25, 2014

5 Favorites

I know this is a major blogging cop out, but I have been so busy, we have been so crazy busy, so I am once again posting a list of excellent blog posts written by other people.

1 - Jenny's post "Let's Be Done" is intelligent, beautiful, and like a horrible, cruel suckerpunch in the gut.

2 - Modern Mrs. Darcy's "Buying a House vs. Buying a House AND a Life" hit close to home because we, too, are trying to sell our house and are trying to find something that's affordable, in a good neighborhood, big enough for our family of seven, and closer to my family and Travis' job. Oh but we need to sell our house first.

3 - Britt's "A Smorgasbord of Food" which basically makes me want to be her best friend, next door neighbor so I can pop over for an afternoon playdate that involves the German chocolate cake. And wow, great photography skillz, Britt.

4 - Kate's reflection on figuring out feast days and how she celebrated the Annunciation in "The Angelus." It's just lovely.

5 - Christie at Everything to Someone wrote a perfect little post called "Riches (and Letting God of Little Luxuries)". Short, sweet, to the point, and with a beautiful picture to boot.

Thank you, Hallie, for hosting!


  1. Jenny's blog was one of the better blogs I have ever read regarding the joy/cross of nfp.

  2. :D Thanks for the link love!

  3. Is there an official listing for your house somewhere? I'll be glad to share it on facebook... :)

  4. Thanks so much for the shout-out Bonnie. You're just the best!

  5. Aw, shucks, I didn't know I my little thoughts reached out to the world this time. Bless you!

    1. Oh, and um, this is Christie @ EtS. (Why do I have to have so many darn names?)