March 1, 2014

Behold: it was awesome

seeing friends from church, school, online, college, and every day

all the ladies dressed so cute with boots, skirts, scarves, necklaces

the coconut cream pie

Marie Miller singing "Be Thou My Vision" at Mass

Bishop Jenky's homily




the hummus and pita chips

babies and nuns and pregnant women and grandmothers and sisters and women celebrating and women grieving

500+ women singing together

Today was the Behold Conference and it was awesome. Later I will share more of the day with you, though I did tweet and gram it there is so much more to tell you.  But now it is time for bed.

Blessings to you all!


  1. It was awesome, glad I started reading your blog and was introduced to Behold! I was also so excited to meet you, I was the weird lady that asked for your autograph :)

    1. You weren't weird! You were awesome with your beautiful necklace and your sweet words. It really meant a lot to me that you said hi, Molly. I hope we meet again!


    Hey Bonnie!
    Love the behold update! Wish I could have gone....

    So I wanted you to know, just as a courtesy, that I mentioned you in my blog post of today (link above) about king cake, lent, etc...

    Hope all is well and that you enjoy your Sunday!

    Oh and pls come link to the CBN annual linky!
    Here's the post, as if you're not already sick of seeing me share it all over the place....last year's carnival was awesome...hope you can join in w/ a lenten post.

  3. I love Marie Miller! She is a friend IRL, too, and has played music in my backyard. :)