March 18, 2014

Liturgical Living Fail and Miscellanea

St. Paddy Fail
Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day and tomorrow is St. Joseph's Day. For a woman who has a whole video series on liturgical living I'm kinda failing with these March feast days.

While Molly's day was super cute, Britt's food was super green, Tess had a lovely little gathering, and Kendra's family had a whole hooley we had green polka dotted napkins, lumpy mashed potatoes, and cabbage that only I enjoyed. I tried a new basically-not-Irish soda bread recipe, misread the directions and baked it in a 9x13 dish instead of 3 9xsomething loaf pans. It looked like this:
At least it tasted good... when it finally baked through.

Who's Your Daddy?
And then there's St. Joseph's feast day tomorrow. I know that the traditional thing is so have a St. Joseph's Altar but I don't have a lick of Italian in me and I just don't get it. It's also, obviously JP's feast day (like my son, Little Joe, ya know) but I think we'll just be celebrating with Dr. Pepper and ice cream cones (what the kids and I are fasting from this Lent).

Also, it seems like it would be totally appropriate to have a big, hearty dinner of steak and beer and other things St. Joseph would have liked had he been born in America in the twentieth century, so we might just do that, too. Because it's easier for me to tell my kids, "We're eating steak because daddies like steak and St. Joseph is the father of the Church."

Argh! It's Captain Orangebeard and his matey.

Yay for Mary W. who won the free photography session from Steph Zimmerman Photography! Remember that anyone who mentions A Knotted Life when they book with Steph will get $25 off their session. So we're all winners!

Today I read/watched:
Marriage: the 100-100 Principle by Olivia Spears at Ignitum Today
Priest, Prophet, King a six part study series from Fr. Robert Barron and Spirit Juice Studios.
The Walking Dead Recap: The Grove by Cari at Clan Donaldson
Lent with St. Mary Magdalene by Haley Stewart at Catholic Exchange

Book Week!
I've recently gotten a bunch of books and I'm really excited to tell you about them on ye olde blog because they're really good. I decided to do a whole week of reviews - I'm gonna be creative and call it "Book Week!".

Book Week! will be kicked off with a giveaway: a signed copy of Kendra Tierney's A Little Book about Confession for Children. And then the awesome will just keep comin...
proof that it's signed!

A huge thanks to Rhonda from Real Housekeeping for helping me out and making a Feedly button that matches my other buttons. Because I'm particular and inept and she's helpful and capable like that. I still need to get it up in its place, along with the Instagram button, but I don't have my laptop and things are wonky with the desk top. It'll come, it'll come.

A Q&A Vlog
Remember when Grace and Simon did that vlog and they answered questions submitted by Grace's readers? That was so great.
And so I thought I'd do a lesser version of it. Best form of flattery and all that...
If any of you have any questions for me - about JF, about Sheen, about anything else you may possibly find interesting about my life - go ahead  and ask in the comment box.



  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one confused by the St. Joseph alter, we probably won't be doing too much tomorrow.

  2. the walking dead. I.just.can't.even.

  3. Don't sweat the St. Joseph's day celebrations. My family is Italian and full of Josephs, and we're pretty mellow about it, though we've gotten more "celebrating" at it over the years. We make savoaardi (St. Joseph cookies) and give cards, and I eat some chocolate (Lent give-ups don't apply on a feast). I try to get to Mass since my father (a Joseph) died on this day, his feast day.

  4. Also, Bonnie, a little bird told me you will be doing a great book review on a St. Joseph book tomorrow!

  5. I am also the only person in my family who appreciates cabbage and I love your St. Joseph's plans!

  6. I have a question, Bonnie. I don't remember if you've mentioned it on your blog but do you have a conversion or reversion story? Or maybe you're a cradle Catholic?

  7. I totally love your idea of feasting for St. Joseph's day, the "daddies like steak and St. J is the father of the church" part. I am pretty sure I will use that line next year. -Gina

  8. Steak on the Feast of St. Joseph is a brilliant idea! (And I'm glad I'm not the only one that didn't "get" the St. Joseph Alter idea.) :)

  9. What does your dream house look like? :)

  10. I really, really like your St Joseph plans. We didn't do much but read a story and say a St Joseph prayer. I don't think it completely resonated. I think I will totally take this approach next year.

  11. The picture of the Irish soda bread cracked me up! I've had similar mishaps with everything from pizza dough to French bread. There's a reason I made my husband do all the cooking for our party—I didn't want to deal with the pressure! :)

  12. You are amazing! I'm just getting around to reading some blogs (catching up), and thanks for the shout out!! Also, I feel like we're soul sisters in the baking fora special occasion dept. That is EXACTLY what happened to me on Fat Tuesday - and my oven still reminds me every time I turn it on :)