March 15, 2014

What are you searching for?

If you googled any of the following there's a good chance that you were directed here.

patron saint of brain damage

red lipstick older women

the head and the heart let's be still cd

lorax party table setup

how to make a scary tree

jamie gave birth at home

Jesus coming out of the tomb

fulton sheen speaks on the ministry of beauty

daughter lipstick

how to make a truffula tree

fulton sheen

catholic blog award

best blogs about sex out there

a kotted life

bonnie engstrom

sara groves

jennifer fulwiler

dwija borobia


Whatever or whoever you're looking for, I'm glad you're here! I wouldn't say that I'm an "older woman" and this is probably not the best blog about sex that's out on the internet but I am a big fan of Jesus coming out of the tomb.


  1. My top search term?
    Blue hands.
    Then look to him and be radiant, beach ball icebreakers, Fulton Sheen on prayer, creation numbers, and we are the church craft.
    But blue hands?

  2. My best ones are:
    call the midwife nuns catholic
    for lent can u cheat on bdays
    catholic all year met husband
    a letter to a church lady

    If those people are still looking for answers, I'd say: No. We do. Yes, at church. That's not a question.

    1. Guilty I was on your birthday was smack dab in the middle of two meatless days ;)

  3. Are you going for Fulton Sheen for brain damage? Before my brain surgery in January I could really find no saints for anything with the brain besides mental illness. Now that I am in recovery and dealing with a stutter, having trouble with short term memory, fine motor skills, and recall it would be nice to know someone to turn to!

    1. St. Dymphna is a wonderful go-to saint! Blessings.... + + +

    2. Well, all I know is that James was dead and his first MRI showed injury and his first EEGs showed abnormal readings and it continued to heal and he now has a completely normal brain.

  4. Hahahaha!!! It's true you're a red lipstick authority, but older women, umm, no. :) My favorite for me is "wide leg trousers Macy's." Sure.

  5. I love these! I had to go read some of mine..these are my favorites:

    bethannes finest church (apparently I have my own church now)
    Disney Lent (I'm also an authority on disney and lent)
    the moment when the church realized the “genesis” themed vacation bible school wasn’t such a good idea (I talked about VBS last year I guess)

    some chinese one...yeah not sure and then a ton of "Forever alone" themed searches...I guess I need to cheer up in some of my blogging!