March 22, 2014

What I Wore on a Sunday a couple of weeks ago

... but I'm just now having the time to upload.

reflection in the storm door

I bought this necklace at the Behold Conference. It's a miraculous medal in the shape of a heart. And I love it.  

Hoop earrings, chipped red nail polish, grey cardi, blue dress, no lipstick.

Bright white legs and sling back kitty heels, purchased at Payless many years ago...

... when pointy shoes were all the rage. 
Remember that?

Hoop earrings: Wal Mart
Blue dress: Target, many years ago
Nail polish: CND Vinylux in Red
Shoes: Payless, even older than the dress
Miraculous Medal necklace: Bella Studios Catholic Jewelry & Rosaries, Antique Medals

Thank you, ladies of Fine Linen and Purple, for hosting!


  1. What a lovely and cute necklace! It looks great w/ your dress and skin tone. :0)

  2. I know they were all the rage a while back, but I still love a sassy pointed toe shoe!

    1. Me too! No one is taking my pointy toed shoes away, I tell you. No one.

  3. Very pretty and I love the medal/necklace!

  4. I'm with Beth, I'll never get tired of my pointy-toed shoes :) Even if my sister says they make me look like a witch...

  5. You look beautiful! And, I'm with everyone else...still love the shoes!

  6. I LOVE the necklace. And I have a pair of bright white legs, too. But they're veiny as well, so the never go out in public without tights in them. :)

    And are pointy toes out now? I've just gotten into wearing them!! :0

  7. I'm pretty sure that pointy heels never go out of style. Stacey and Clinton told me so.

  8. Lovely! Pointy shoes are back in... be on the lookout for the sling-back and pointy flats :) Plus anything worn with confidence is ALWAYS in! Love the blue & turquoise contrast!