April 16, 2014

A busy life

Life is a thrilling, wonderful, beautiful adventure.

And sometimes it just feels busy.

That's the season of life I'm in now: busy.

Busy avoiding the packing up the house that needs to happen. Busy daydreaming of paint colors for the bathrooms at the new house.

Busy running my kids to school and keeping the house tidy. Tidy enough.

Busy spending time with my husband at the end of the long days and busy saying YES to my kids when they want to snuggle, play Memory, or go for a walk to the park.

Busy nursing my baby who is almost not a baby any more and in a blink of an eye will not be interested in nursing but in running and jumping and coloring.

Busy failing at Lent and busy restarting. Busy with wondering how many additional sacrifices I should be making when I already feel stretched so thin at times.

Busy trying to lose all the baby weight, to be healthier, to have a strong body and a strong heart.

Busy trying to figure out gluten free eating for a boy who is also allergic to eggs, dairy, and nuts. Busy fighting the sinking feeling of buying expensive gluten-free food products and busy cutting up fruit.

Busy reading and researching and working on projects I'm really excited about but have nothing to do with this little blog.

Busy watching the latest season of Doctor Who with Travis, who was converted to a Whovian over Christmas break.

Writing all of this out, though, I see that I'm not busy: I'm living. I'm living out my life and it may feel busy but really it is thrilling and wonderful and beautiful and an adventure.

In the coming weeks - when we pack and move and school ends and birthdays and holidays are celebrated I will not be around this blog much. I have a few guest posts lined up and will be sharing my favorite links every now and again but otherwise ye olde blog will be a bit quiet.

But I'll be praying for you. Please pray for me.


  1. I will be praying for you & your family, Bonnie. May God bless you abundantly in this busy season of life.

  2. What a good attitude Bonnie! Have a blessed and wonderful Easter!

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  4. I was just thinking about the busy-ness of life myself. Sometimes I worry that it all takes me away from God...but, maybe just living...just doing all these things that feel busy is what we're called to.

  5. Busy-ness is just living life. I try to remember to offer up my day to God in the morning because sometimes things get hectic and I feel like I've left God out. We're moving, too, next month, Bonnie. Prayers for you and your family! Happy Easter!

  6. AMEN. I was thinking about all the busy-ness too lately. Before I let it get me too down in the dumps though, I thank our God for the lovely busy-ness of life. And think and pray about everyone who is struggling with something that is way worse than worrying about finding time to vacuum or feeling guilty for feeding my kid chips for dinner one night. Praying for you Bonnie!! Can't wait to see that lovely new home of yours. I'm going to invite myself over sometime this summer :)