April 28, 2014

Best of the web

Lisa at CatholicMom interviewed Monsignor Soseman about things at the Vatican, his new book and Fulton Sheen's cause for canonization.

Kendra defended Catholicism because so many people misunderstood.

Kate is cheerful and cooking and hoping for a whole bramble of children.

Blythe says some really sweet things about her daughter. Just really, really sweet.

Haley shares 2 really great tips for nursing comfortably in public. They're my faves.

Verily's list of the best karaoke songs for average people. Because I'm horrible at karaoke and it's happening at Edel.

Raquel reflects on the simple fact that she didn't know it would be so hard.

NPR did a story about the rebuilding of Washington after the November tornado that tore through town. We will actually be moving to Washington the first week of June and we'll have a view of the rebuilding.

Heather shares a wonderful story about JPII shaking her soul. It made me cry.

Jenny talks about how JPII saved her from herself. I would have cried had my son not been talking to me about being Jafar for Halloween while I was trying to read it.


  1. Bonnie! Thank you so much for sharing my post:) You are the sweetest!

  2. Thanks for introducing me to so many wonderful Catholic Mamas!