May 12, 2014

Miscellany and The Best of the Internet

L and Resa's joint birthday party was on Saturday. It was a lot of fun but I am glad it's done. The time for packing has come.
On Mother's Day we didn't go to Mass as a family because L came down with a stomach bug so Travis, Ben, and JF went together, and then I took Resa later. My mom and I also went to see Mom's Night Out - I hope to write more about that later.
Today all the kids are home, it's almost noon, we've eaten, the baby's napping, I haven't showered or gotten dressed, and I still haven't called L's school to tell her she's home sick.

If you could all say a quick prayer for health in my home and then say a good, solid prayer for some friends who are traveling internationally, please. Thank you!

I'll be with the kids. In my absence please enjoy the following:

Great video:

The Third Way from Blackstone Films on Vimeo.

Brandon Vogt has an interview with the man behind the video, Fr. John Hollowell, who you might remember from his "I Have a Say" video.

Great links:
Blythe at The Fike Life beautifully and graciously explains why the Catholic Church's teachings on sex were what called her to convert. And then she goes on to say how besides the sex, nothing else made sense.
Rachel talks about the good bones her house has, and it brought a tear to my eye.
Jenny at Mama Needs Coffee talks about Mass with little kids and points out Jesus to us.
Kathryn at Team Whitaker had her sweet baby girl and gave her the most gorgeous name.
Brianna at Brianna Heldt is like, 'You think "retarded' is bad and no one is upset about the cocaine and hookers?!!!" and it's awesome.
Heather at Mama Knows, Honeychild writes about how it's not about being the most awesome - and she spoke right to my heart.
Hafsa remembers the night before her wedding.
Kelly wins at being the funniest person on the internet.
Your Church Shouldn't Be So Special is a great read. I believe Devin Rose recommended it on Facebook.