May 5, 2014

There's More Than One Way to Be a Mom

When it comes sex, marriage, and babies I have done everything the traditional way.

My husband and I waited for our wedding night to have sex. Then a few months later we went on our honeymoon to Scotland and came back really liking one another.

The baby that was conceived from our post-honeymoon fondness was Peter Mark. He was my first baby and though he was only alive for a couple of months and only in my womb, he is the one who made me a mother.

Since I lost Peter in May of 2007 I have since had five more babies. L and Ben and JF and Resa and JP

If Peter made me a mother then these five have made me a better mother, pushing and challenging and loving me more than I ever knew was possible.

A lot of women have similar stories to mine. We got married, got pregnant, and had our babies. But I know there's many mothers in the world who have very different stories about how they became moms. This week, as we look forward to Mother's Day, I want to acknowledge those mothers and their stories and journeys.

This week I am honored to have several friends guest post, talking about how they became moms for the fist time - sometimes through very difficult circumstances. My hope is that we can celebrate all women who have brought life into the world - that we can celebrate all mothers.

The rest of the posts are:
Sarah's story on adoption through foster care.
Melissa's story on being a birth mom who placed her son with an adoptive family.
A woman's story of being a teenage mother.


  1. Looking forward to this Bonnie, and love the graphic!

  2. This sounds wonderful. I'm looking forward to reading more!

  3. Great series idea, Bonnie! And you are absolutely right about Peter being the one who made you a mom. My heart really hearts for women out there who have lost their only child(ren) and the world doesn't recognize them as mothers because their children are not living. I can't imagine how trying Mother's Day is for them!

  4. What a great idea! I am excited to read :)

  5. Looking forward to reading the series! It's interesting how I feel about my it stings just a little bit when I tell people I have five children instead of six.'s just kind of a pain to go into the story with someone I don't know all that well. He was my last baby, but he's just as important to me as the first five, just differently. okay, so just really looking forward to reading these. :)

  6. What a beautiful idea, Bonnie. Looking forward to reading...

  7. I am really looking forward to this, Bonnie! Needing a little encouragement/inspiration before the arrival of #6. Yet another reason why your blog continues to be one of my favorites!!

    1. Thanks for sharing your post at the "Let's Talk Motherhood" link-up!! I hope that many of your readers enjoyed it as much as I did!! Happy Mother's Day, Bonnie! ;)

  8. Great idea for a series post Bonnie...looking forward to reading along:)

  9. Looking forward to this as well :) ~Jenna

  10. Oh, I like this. I'm excited to read what's coming!

  11. Bonnie - this has been a really great series. As a soon-to-be mom I've appreciated all of the first-hand narratives on differing mothering situations and outcomes. You have some amazing, brave friends who are truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing their stories with us.