July 23, 2014

Before we meet I'd like you to know

- I am an ENFJ, for those of you who like that sort of thing. But I'm almost an INFJ and depending on the test I actually am an INFJ.

- You may also describe me as choleric and sanguine, if that's what you prefer.

- I look like I'm five months pregnant but I'm not. I'm not pregnant at all. Just fat, thanks for not asking.

- I have strong opinions but I still like hearing yours.

- I'll discuss politics and religion with you as long as we can both be respectful. We can disagree but sometimes that's more interesting for me - I like learning about what people think and why. If I can't be respectful then I'll need to bow out of the conversation. Sometimes it happens.

- I hate driving in big cities.

- I wear sunglasses over my eyeglasses. It's dorky and a lame mom thing to do that will one day embarrass my kids, but it works and it's cheaper than prescription sunglasses or contacts.

- Speaking of which, I'm cheap.

- I don't like pets. Like 98% of the time I am not gonna like your pet. That's not to say I dislike pets or even animals. I love farm animals, zoo animals, animals outside in nature... and I'm pretty neutral about most pets. Think of me what you will.

- That said, I HATE mice. And voles. And moles. And rats. And other rodenty creatures. When I see them I start to gag. Chipmunks, though, chipmunks I like.

- I'm trying to do better and be better. If I'm missing the mark you can gently let me know and I'll appreciate it forever.

- I should be working on something else.

This picture has nothing to do with anything but it's pretty and I'm warm.


  1. Hi Bonnie. I'm still trying to figure out if you are someone I met/heard at last year's Catholic Writers Guild conference. I asked once by email but didn't hear back. So I hope you will let me know. Were you there or am I imagining things? :)

  2. Love this. I look a few months preggo as well (I'm not), and was once asked erroneously. Worst thing ever. Icy trees ARE much prettier when it's 80+!

  3. May I suggest Rx sunnies from Firmoo? They start at around $30, and there's usually a promo code available. I just got a pair and love them.

  4. Ha! I love your blog. I'm also an ENFJ, although truthfully I'm a T when not pregnant or nursing. Does this count as proof of being emotional when hormonal? Have a great time!

  5. I am an INFJ, with a very strong I. But I cannot believe how much of what you said about yourself describes me:
    1) I think the words choleric and sanguine describe me too;
    2) One time I slipped on some wet stairs outside work, and someone who came to my aid said, "Oh, and in your condition too!" I was not pregnant, just fat, and wearing a dress that looked a little roomy like a maternity dress. Oh well, I didn't mind, but it made me laugh.
    3) I have very strong opinions too. Most things to me are black and white. Any shading of things is irrelevant to me. That drives people nuts about me.
    4) I love learning about what people think and why. It seems so interesting to me. I often will withhold my opinion until they tell me why they think the way they do, because I think it's such a huge factor in figuring out where they are coming from. I may not agree, but if their reason makes sense, I can discuss it without imposing my belief on them. If their reason doesn't make sense, or is a cop-out, well, then I guess it begins. I also will sometimes just blow out of a conversation because I know it will go to anger, either for them or me, if I don't.
    5) I'm cheap too. Really cheap. I actually get a kick out of finding out how to solve a problem in the cheapest way possible. I realize sometimes it is a problem, and so I occasionally, if it is warranted, just forget about saving a few bucks and buy the thing at the price I find it.
    6) I HATE mice too. And every other rodent. I just hate them.
    - I don't mind driving in bigg cities, although I will time my trips to avoid the heavy traffic times if I can, so maybe that counts;
    - I have tried the sunglasses over glasses but it looks too stupid, but I also can't justify the prescription sunglasses and I don't like contacts very much, SO, my elderly dad had a pair of those giant old people over the glasses sunglasses, which I use when I have to in the car. Otherwise, when I can I wear sunglasses without my glasses and am blind at distances over 5 feet:
    - I love pets. I have had some kind of pet since I was a child. I currently have a cat and a dog.

    Anyway, you almost sound like my twin separated at birth. I think you're neat!

  6. Love, love, love this Bonnie! I'm an INFJ, too. Hope life is going well :)

  7. I think I'm also an ENFJ but, I can't remember...too many letters. I prefer to say I'm a choleric but that's not trendy enough.
    And to say I'm excited to meet you again would be a gross understatement!!!!!

  8. CAN'T WAIT. I'm an ENFP. Organize me, Bonnie. I need it.

  9. This might be one I've my faves about you. It's such a bummer I won't be there to meet you, Bonnie.

  10. Comment fail by autocorrect on mobile. Oh well. I'm INTJ/P depending on the season-- I don't know how well that jives with your personality, but from your list above, I'd say darn well. :) have a beautiful time at Edel!

  11. INFP here. The dreamer.

    Here's what we do have in common: how we feel about pets. Dogs and cats roaming around a house? I just can't wrap my head around it. I could love a person a very great deal and it is just as you said, I'm just really, really not likely going to like their pet. In fact, it will probably make me feel uncomfortable despite how many times they try to set me up with the dog---"just pet it", "aw, he wants to lick you" and the worst one "really, he's absolutely harmless!"