August 8, 2014

7QT - really quick ones

1 - The Civil Wars are officially done. I'm not sure what their personal problems are, nor do I want to know, but may God bless them, their families, and their futures. I'm so glad for the music they made.

2 - If you missed Edel you don't have to fret because Jen is sharing the Edel talks on her blog, because she's nice like that.

3 - If you've been wanting to read The Little Oratory you can enter for a chance to win right here on my blog. Leila is coming to my parish to speak later this month and she offered to do a giveaway in anticipation. Go check it out!

4 - Susan painted her boys' room and it is amazing. Pinterest worthy. Amazing. And have you seen what Deme's been up to? Check out what she did in her kitchen - $28 and it made a *huge* impact.

5 - Sarah had a no good, horrible, very bad day and then because she's a giver, she made up a great playlist for us to enjoy. Go take a listen and maybe offer her some compassion.

6 - Kelly's lip synch battle. Who else is planning something? I feel almost overwhelmed with the possibilities. Got any ideas for me?

7 - Speaking of Kelly, after all was said and done, the grand total for the fundraiser for a beach wheelchair for Fulton was $3081.23! You guys are so good! THANK YOU to everyone who gave. Guys, we raised that money in less than 24 hours. Praise God.

I'm still waiting for `PayPal and my bank to verify everything but by midweek the Mantoans should be able to buy the chair. Thanks again.


  1. So very excited for Fulton and Kelly! You rock for hosting the fundraising!

  2. Thanks for the shout out. You're the sweetest. =)
    I'm debating songs for the lip synch battle - I feel dramatic is obviously the way to go, but past that, I have no ideas.

  3. It really brings tears to my eyes to see how quickly the money was raised for the beach chair. By the time I came here and found out about the fundraiser, a day later, it was already over! Wow! Incredibly touching how generous are.

  4. It's still so exciting how quickly everyone helped raise money for Kelly and her family. So awesome to see kindness in action!