August 28, 2014

Best of the Web (and a wishlist item)

Do I know someone crafty who loves me and was trying to think of a nice Christmas gift? Oh YOU?! Well, if you insist... How about these awesome photo backgrounds? I think a lot of bloggers would love something like this for our "oh please pin me!" images. Actually, I could probably make them myself if I had the money - Travis has the right staple gun. I would even hang them on my walls so they'd double as decorations. Love it!

Grace shared a brownie recipe and I just had to try it. Dagnabit, I shouldn't have done it because those brownies are SO freakin' good! I didn't have cream cheese and made them sans the cow spots and still, by golly!

Some of my favorite bloggers did a little blog hop party and shared their Mass + kiddos tales and tricks. There's Abbey and her ten tips, Sarah and her standards, Haley and her 27 books, Kendra and her age appropriate goals, and Christy and her prep.

Fr. Barron's homily for today, the Feast of St. Augustine, is pretty good.

Rockstar Catholic DRE and godmother to my oldest, Katie has some fab ideas for encouraging parents to be more involved in religious ed.

Finally I am SUPER EXCITED (caps lock don't lie) to tell you that on September 1st Blessed Is She will begin sending out daily devotionals based on the Bible readings from Mass for the day. Beautiful, solid devotions written by women just like you (+ one rock star).
To kick it all off there will be a Twitter Chat Monday night at 9pm Eastern. But you can also follow BIS on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, just in case Twitter isn't your thing.

Please be sure to go to Blessed Is She and sign up for the daily devotionals. Let's help each other in our walks with the Lord and let's live authentic Catholic lives.


  1. This is great, Bonnie! I am finding that with a newborn and homeschooling I have so little time to hop around the web, so I appreciate your "best of the web" posts. Yet another reason why I love to "visit" you here! Hope you are well, my friend!

    1. Me, too, Bonnie! And thanks for mentioning the kids and Mass posts. :-)

      I'm so making those brownies.

  2. So excited to receive the devos! Can't wait!

  3. I make those brownies all the time, except I swirl the cream cheese and call them princess brownies. (Not sure where the princess name came from; I just remember my mom calling them that.)

    And I eat the whole pan myself. :-)

  4. Thanks for the shout out, and more importantly the pep talk about that topic last weekend :)