August 29, 2014

Instagrammers you should follow: audreyeclectic81

It was Carrots for Michaelmas who introduced me to Audrey Eclectic, artwork created by Heather. I have since filled my Pinterest boards with her artwork and I'm hoping I get this print in time for Advent so I can hang it proudly in my home. Finding Heather on Instagram made me so happy and I look forward to all her pictures. If you're not following her, do!

What images do you try to capture for Instagram?
For me, I use instagram as a correspondence and 'quick postcard' to friends, family, and people who enjoy my artwork. My feed isnt highly stylized-- I post different things including paintings I'm working on, things that make me laugh or smile, sweet pictures of my children, my home, or things I see out and about in my hometown or on trips that I think are worth sharing. For me, its a way to stay in touch with kindred spirits. I love the little community that grows out of instagram. You can see what your friends are up to, and share your projects as well. It seems to be very positive in how everyone interacts, and I've even sold work before I've finished it through showing it in progress on instagram!

Do you filter? If yes, which ones are your favorites?
I do use filters, although I usually have no rhyme or reason for it--- I will scroll through them and see which one has the right amount of contrast, enhances or subdues the colors in a pleasing way, or brings out the image in a unique way. I like the more subtle filters such as amaro, rise, and earlybird.

 What is beautiful to you?
I enjoy homey images-- photos of old houses, well loved rooms, children playing, people working on their art or their crafts. I love to see what people are making--- it inspires and motivates me to share what I am creating as well. I also love that a new habit that develops from blogging or instagramming is noticing the little things in our lives and environments that are worth taking a moment and savoring. How nicely a knitting project is coming sweet a sleeping little one pretty the evening light is filtering through the flower garden. I believe that these fun diversions also help us see that no matter who you are or what you are doing, you are surrounded by beautiful and special moments if you watch for them.

Something I enjoy about Instagram
I also love searching hashtags (usually late at night while nursing my 6 month old!) of far away places I'd love to visit. Its like little mini-vacations via instagram! I follow several feeds featuring Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and other beautiful far away places I might never see in person, but through instagram I'm able to see the beautiful old buildings, churches, countryside, and special places in each country, all while cuddled in the bed with my little one in the middle of the night. It's an amazing treat! I highly suggesting searching a country or city you'd love to visit. No passport required!

What do you hope people come away with from looking at your pictures?
I hope that people come away from looking at my feed as if they've just had a quick chat with a friend. Imagine us getting together over coffee, talking about the cute thing our kid did, what project we're working on, what little thing we saw the other day that captured our attention and made us stop and think, "that is beautiful."

You can find Heather:
on Instagram, audreyeclectic81
on her blog,
at her Etsy shop,
at her website,


  1. Thanks so much for the instagram love, Bonnie! :D I so appreciate it!~

  2. What a fun interview - just like your Instagram photos (and your art, too!), it's welcoming, sweet, and inspiring! I can't remember where I found you, but I love your feed and now many others will find your fun photos also. - nancyo