August 6, 2014

JP's Red, White, and Blue 1st Birthday Party

In mid July JP turned One. 

We've always done big birthday parties for our one year olds. I don't know why since they can't remember anything. It's just how we do.

For his birthday I went for a Red, White, and Blue / Patriotic theme. It's cute, easy, and I could hit the 5th of July clearance racks. Sounded like a good plan to Travis. 

First, the invite. We began with a photo shoot.

Then I invited Katie over, I dug into my kids' craft bin, and hand painted the white stripes on red cardstock. Katie used a special scrapbookers punch for the stars.

 On the back we attached all the details, which I typed up on PicMonkey.
"We the people of the E- Family, in order to form a more perfect party, celebrate a 1st birthday, insure a good time and secure the blessings of BBQ and beer to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish JP's 1st Birthday Party!"

For decorations we had red, white, and blue balloons, all of which I left on the floor because the kids just want to play with them anyways. I also had some cute (and cheap! Thanks, Target dollar bin!) red, white, and blue chevron plastic bunting which we hung on the picture window in the dining room. They then decorated the inside and the outside and were super cute. Red and blue spiral stars hung from the evergreen tree (got them in the party supply aisle at Walmart) and I, like always, used cheap, plastic tablecloths for more color.

For drinks we had bottles of water, beer, root beer, Coke, and cans of Izze sparkling juice. I definitely didn't have enough ice but a friend went to the store and filled the baby pool with ice and all the drinks. The picture below was when the party was about 2/3 over and the pickings were getting slim but it worked perfectly.

We grilled out for the party. Burgers, brats, and hot dogs. And no ketchup. So another friend ran back to the store for ketchup. We also had a red, white, and blue berry plate, chips and home made salsa, star shaped marshmallows, a lettuce salad, watermelon, and a veggie-pasta salad. Along with the cake (which my sister-in-law made) there was ice cream, all American apple pie, and red, white, and blue rice krispie treats.

There were 81 guests and I'm guessing about 50 of them were kids or babies. It was awesome. I loved having so much life! All the kids had fun and I think the adults all did, too. I know I did. Friends from college, friends from the internet, friends from church and lots of family. We are blessed to be this loved.

As I already mentioned Travis' sister made the cake. She made a cake for everyone and a smash cake for JP. I highly recommend having talented sister-in-laws.
He loved the cake. (We all loved the cake.)

Usually we open gifts while our guests are still present. Kids love seeing gifts and being part of the excitement but the night was getting late so Joe and his siblings opened presents the next day. He was so cute, climbing through the mountains of toys, clothes, and tissue paper.

So that was that. Cute, fairly easy, and lots of fun. Happy Birthday, JP, you cutie pie, you!

A big THANK YOU to for the following recognition for JP's Red, White, & Blue birthday party! I am *so* honored!


  1. The baby pool and ice idea. Brilliant! Love the party details Bonnie. Happy birthday Joseph!

  2. this all looks adorable and I want to jump into that wading pool and ARE THOSE YELLOW RASPBERRIES?! Your commitment to the color scheme is commendable.