August 15, 2014

Seven Quick Takes (with lots of good clicks)

1 - I heard this song on the radio recently, looked it up online, and remembered seeing the video a long time ago. This girl is such an amazing dancer, though, that I wanted to share it, even though it was all over Facebook last spring. I mean, she does crazy, creepy in such an amazing way, huh? Wow.

2 - This is how you write charitably and truthfully, friends: Catholic Psych. (With a hat tip to Jenny, who posted the link on the book of faces.)

3 - Kate at The Rhodes Log invited me to be part of her series "Before I Had a Seven Year Old." Now technically I still don't have a seven year old but since L can get the baby out of the crib, change the two year old's diaper, put the baby in his carseat, buckle everyone up, help with shoes, and is all around super duper helpful I thought it was fair for me to participate. You can check out my interview here. And thank you so much, Kate, for honoring me with the invitation.

4 - Wanna help rebuild the Catholic culture in America? Good! here's your chance: Call of the Void is a movie in pre-production coming from producer, Patrick Coffin. A Hitchcockian style film set in 1951, New York City, it's a suspense movie that explores our subliminal, destructive thoughts. Sounds promising, right?

Right. You can donate to the Kickstarter Patrick has going for the film. Also, if you love Fulton Sheen you'll want to check out the video if only to see how amazingly similar to Sheen Patrick Coffin looks. It's crazy.

5 - Thanks to those of you who gave me some podcasts ideas. I started with Catholic Stuff You Should Know and I love it! Highly recommended... based on the two episodes I've listened to so far.

6 -Last week Katie came over and helped L make a crown from flowers from our yard. She ran up to show me just as her dad and I were on our way out so I snapped a picture super fast. Doesn't she look lovely?

7 - Next week I'm starting a little series on ye olde blog where I feature my favorite Instagrammers. Some of them you probably already follow but maybe you'll find a few new ones to love, too. I hope you come back to meet them. 

Have a fun weekend. Thanks, Jen, for hosting!


  1. I love the crown. I always tried to make one growing up and failed at it. I can't believe how big she's getting! :)

  2. Chandelier is such a heartbreaking song. It hits hard because someone close to me lives that life. I love the video, and that girl can dance, but it always makes me cry.

  3. Love Lydia's flower crown! So fun and sweet! The girl dancing is definitely amazing. I remember when it made its way around FB too. And, yes to Catholic Psych's post.

  4. Oh, the flower crown! She looks great :)