September 21, 2014

Best of the Web

Here's some of my favorite things I've read recently. What have I missed? Did *you* write a wicked awesome post that should be on the list? Tell me about it! And then check out these beauties from the last week or so.

How to Be Polite by Paul Ford

The Case for Continuing Education: A Story About Running and Birthday Socks by Kendra

Courtney's Witness by Mary

A Personal Reflection on Edel by Kathryn

Why Do We Still Love Jane Austin?  and Harry Potter, Dumbledore's Mercy, and the Triumph of the Holy Cross by Haley

Re calibrating by Jenny

In Which I Discuss Indie Music by Hafsa

Four Months by Cynthia

Berk2k14 by Blythe

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  1. You always have some great finds in these posts. Thanks for this one!

  2. I have never read Paul Ford before, but the opening paragraph includes these sentences: "I am big and droopy and need a haircut. No soul would associate me with watercress sandwiches." Therefor, I am pumped to read the article. Thanks!