October 17, 2014

7QT - a Schubert apology, a wedding, a vague prayer request, and a new business

So many thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for always hosting.

 1 - Thank you to all the women and the one man who took my reader survey. To that one man, I'd love to bake you cookies. To everyone, the information you gave me was so helpful and I am really grateful. I'll be sharing all the insights with you soon!

One of my favorite parts of the survey was when we discussed music. It seems about one third of the people who read my blog think I have the best taste in music ever. One third of my readers don't really care about music and could take or leave my suggestions. And one third hate with the fiery intensity of fifteen suns the music I listen to.

My responses are:
1 - Yay! Let's geek out about music together!
2 - Alright.
3 - I am so sorry. Please accept as this gorgeous rendition of Schubert's Ave Maria as an apology gift. And I hope I'm not still missing the mark completely.

2 - Last weekend Travis and I went to a Newman wedding. Never heard of a Newman wedding? Well, a Newman  Center is a Catholic college or university student center. A Newman wedding is therefore when someone from the Newman Center gets married. All the Newman gang is invited and it is a blast. I was active in Newman ministry when I was a college student and I then worked at a Newman Center for two years, which is how I met Travis. Our wedding was a Newman wedding, as were many of our best friends'. Newman weddings always have dancing, drinking, laughing, and - if they involve me and our friend Nick - debates on whether or not a good Catholic can vote for Obama.

Some of my Newman friends I'm able to see on a regular basis, some I usually only see at Newman weddings (or showers!), but no matter how much time has gone by we can always pick the conversation up right where we left it off.

Congrats, Kate and Chris!

3 - Speaking of married life, Jenny's posts on the Catholic Church's teachings on sex and marriage have been amazing. I hope you're reading them and if you're not then START!

4 - JP has entered the stage in babyhood wherein he is constantly climbing on tables. I hate this stage. Nothing is safe and I'm not even talking about the risk of him falling off the table. Food, drink, decorations, books, paperwork, crayons - anything is up for his grubby little hands to grab.

5 - I have been loving the This Inspired Life podcasts. Have you been listening along too?

6 - In an obnoxious vagueness I'm going to ask you all to say a prayer for an upcoming doctor's appointment I have this coming Wednesday. I am not pregnant and it's nothing super serious like cancer, but it is important and it's something that needs to be figured out by my GP and myself.

7 - Recently I've been helping some bloggers, giving them some simple tips and tricks that result in fresher looking, easier to use, more inviting blogs. This has grown into a part time job and I'd love to work with you to pinpoint simple changes that can grow your readership, make your blog better, and all the while stay true to your style.

All the details of what a consultation consists of can be found by clicking here, or on the Blog Consulting tab at the top of my page. I hope we can work together!

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  1. Hi Bonnie!

    No QT for me this week since the stomach bug has gone through our house fierce and 4 out of 5 of our kiddos have been vomiting this week. Loooooooooooong nights!

    I was involved in my Newman Center Catholic ministry at NC State, but have never attended a Newman wedding! Looks like fun!

    I get you about a little one climbing everywhere and destroying everything in their path! Our almost 15 mo. old is a little tornado!

    I'll keep you in prayer for your appt. and hope all is figured out soon!

    So good to see your consulting turned into a side business! I feel honored you worked with me before you hit "big time" :) Best wishes with the new endeavor as I know it will be rewarding and successful!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  2. I'll be glad to pray for you! And congratulations on your new business!

  3. Yay for the new business, Bonnie! I am bookmarking this so that I remember that as Kara and I build up Mea Cuppa. :)

    Keeping you in my prayers for your appt.

  4. Gosh, seriously you and Nick would never make it as a married couple. You wouldn't even end in divorce, one of you would probably kill the other one. LOL. But he really does enjoy discussing hardcore issues with you! He likes that he knows he can be honest, while at the same time knowing that he won't be losing your friendship at the end of discussions. :)

    1. I enjoy it too - for the same reasons. Plus, it's always nice to have someone intelligent and passionate who is willing to share different perspectives in a lively but charitable way. So, pretty much what you said except Nick is obviously way smarter than I.

  5. The blog consulting sounds great...I'll have to hang onto to that info! :)

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  7. Oh I so relate to the climbing. My 14 mo old girl has learned to push the armchair over to the built ins by the fireplace, dig her toes into the chairs tufted back, and then climb from the chair to the bookshelf. Needless to say, I don't pee alone.
    Will pray for your doctor's appointment. I hope you find the answers you need.
    I will be seriously considering that blog consulting, I know mine needs alot of work. I know some of the things that need changing, but alot of it I have no idea what I am doing. I just discovered the section of google analytics that tells you how long people interact with your site before they leave . . . it was really disheartening. The ones who stay long enough to engage the content stay a while, so I guess that is good. Will definitely be strongly considering it.
    God Bless,

  8. So excited for this new business venture! Praying for you as well.

  9. Yay, Bonnie! This is all so great! Will definitely offer prayers for you. And, I'm excited to hear from you! This blog venture is so great! And, I really need to jump on these podcasts during my chores!

  10. Saying a prayer for you, Bonnie.

  11. Bonnie, congrats on your new business!! How exciting!! And thank you so much for the shout out on #5 -- you are so nice!! I'm so glad you are liking the podcast. :)