October 6, 2014

Ben and the neighbors and Best of the Web

Our new home is at the end of a road in a subdivision that is mostly filled with empty nesters. Our neck of the woods is five houses and we're the only ones with kids living in the home.

Our next door neighbors are wonderful. We call them Paul and Mrs. S, which isn't actually their names but privacy and all that. She is a retired elementary school teacher and he restores and collects gorgeous antique cars. They have a beautiful lawn, which they let the kids wander through a bit, and they are incredibly kind to my kids. Ben especially loves them and whenever he sees that they're outside he asks if he can do over.

Today he made them a picture. On it he wrote, "To Paul and Neighbor Lady. Ben."

I can't stop laughing about it.

I've been collecting these for a couple weeks. Lots of good reads here, friends.

A Tale of Two Churches by Francis Cardinal George in Crisis Magazine

How American Parenting is Killing American Marriages from Quartz (h/t Jenny)

Why I cringe every time someone says they hate Christian music by Chris Marchand
(I went to high school with Chris. Back in the day he was a pretty solid evangelical, maybe even fundamentalist I'm-non-denom-not-Protestant Protestant. Today he is Episcopalian.)

Marriage is not a water fountain by Anthony Esolen at The Witherspoon Institute's Public Discourse

Choose Your Own Adventure, or Take Control of Your Life for Once by Kelly

You Are Not Defined by Your Child by Nell

Children Who Never Play by Michael J. Lewis at First Things

Elise's good news at In Endless Song

Entertaining Angels from Blessed Is She

The Silent Sufferers of Postpartum Depression at Verily

Being Fruitful by Molly

We don't have to be afraid by Brianna

A Diamond is Forever and other fairy tales by Modern Mrs. Darcy

Why do Catholics have so many kids? by Jenny

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  1. Thanks so much for including me in this link list, Bonnie! As always - some great reads on there that I hadn't read yet.