October 16, 2014

Celebrate St. John Paul the Great's Feast Day

St. John Paul the Great's feast day is coming up on October 22nd. Here's some fun ways to celebrate.

I don't know why the thumbnail isn't working but the video should...

For more ideas and resources you can:
Check out Melody's Pope Cake recipe. It was JPII's favorite dessert and all of Poland now affectionately calls them Pope Cakes. I had some while in Poland and they were super duper good.
Chris has a recipe for it, too, along with some other great links.
And Mary does, too!

Now if, unlike me, you want to make homemade, from scratch pierogies, here's a recipe.

And finally, let's dance!

PS - This song actually makes me cry.

"Perhaps I love you more."

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  1. That song doesn't make me cry but I do love it so much. One of my best pick me ups. I have one bag of my grandma's pierogi frozen and we plan to enjoy them. But at this rate baby might be waiting until then to join us or we may not even be home yet.

  2. While I can't support frozen store bought pierogi (I grew up on my grandmother's recipe and nothing else will do), I love that people are getting excited to celebrate JPII. Perhaps a Polka to dance to as well? A little traditional folk music from the Tatra Mountains or Krakow? We will probably also say a decade of the Divine Mercy chaplet since he instituted that feast day!

  3. Oh my goodness ... I'm glad I'm not the only one who cries when I listen to that. :)

    We will probably be eating store bought pierogies, alas ... once we had a pierogi making party with some friends, and that was awesome, but they really are way too involved to make on your own!

  4. that auto tune also makes me sob. Perhaps he DOES LOVE US MORE (SOBBING)

    haha, thanks for the shout out today.