October 23, 2014

Posts about Motherhood

I've had a lot of kids. I write about motherhood. A lot.

Figuring it all out
Financial Hardships & Surprise Pregnancies series
A letter to myself as a new mom
Dear blogger moms of older kids
A busy life
Making peace with attachment parenting
Thoughts throughout the day
Thoughts throughout the day II
PSA: Never ask a woman when she's due
I love and hate the cry room
Lessons my kids are learning
The time my son could have died from a french fry (food allergies)
Seven Reasons I Prefer Being a Mrs. Mom
Childhood Apraxia of Speech
The Surprise Open Heart Surgery
Heart Surgery Recovery
Sharing My Heart About IEP's, Special Ed, and My Child

Going to School
What I learned in kindergarten
Myths About Homeschooling OR It's Okay to Send Your Kid to School
Nine More Reasons You Should NOT Homeschool
To my daughter, on the eve of her first day of school
Our Back - to - School Tradition
Heading Back to School and Flipping the Bird at the Mommy Wars

Birth Stories

Infertility and Child Loss
For Pete's Sake - a Prayer Ministry for couples who are carrying the cross of infertility or the loss of a child.
Peter's would have been 5th birthday
Holy Innocents - why it's best not to tell a grieving parent "God needed another angel"
How to support a miscarrying mother
A woman's maternity
The sad month of May
A Song for Peter's Birthday

Postpartum Depression
Noteworthy events I've been ignoring and why
What I didn't know I had lost from PPD (postpartum depression)
Little Moment Parenting
Pride and Postpartum Depression
Calm Down Crazy: Movies and my experience with PPD

NFP and having six kids in seven years 
No sex for months
So we're all in this together
The Kids Are Great and No Sex for Months Part II
On starving babies, orphans, and natural family planning
Nine months of doing it wrong
family planning
I had to give myself an NFP pep talk
The cross of being super fertile

There's More Than One Way to Be a Mom: A Mother's Day series
By miscarriage
By adopting through foster care
By being a birth mom who placed her baby with an adoptive family
By being a mom in a crisis pregnancy who raises her baby

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