November 4, 2014

Stupid allergies and the internet's version of a high five

Yesterday on JF's 4 year anniversary of leaving the hospital, milk spilled in his classroom, his throat started to close, the school nurse administered the epi pen and called 911, and he and I ended up spending the night right back at the same hospital.

His oxygen levels never quite bounced back 100% and so Travis and the other kids came to visit this morning and then the hubster and I switched places. Hopefully he and JF will get to leave before too long. Having spent the night with the incredibly LOUD oxygen monitor beeping ALL the time, RIGHT by my head I am ready for us all to sleep in our own beds tonight.

I suppose because I was already emotional about the day, every time the doctors and nurses talked about how important it is that JF's body get oxygen I blinked back tears.

Fortunately the school has been really great and has already reworked how they're going to do snack time so JF is not at risk any more.

In a totally unrelated note, the lovely Caitlin from T.O.T.E. gave me a high five and I love me a good questionnaire so here's all the answers:

1. What is pizza (that one is from Mo)?
One of the most delicious foods ever invented.

2. What is your greatest accomplishment from the last week?
I kept a cheerful disposition and didn't loose my temper with my kids very often.

3. Digital or analog planner? Analog over here.
Is this a question about clocks? Both are in our home, but I prefer the beauty of analog.

4. What are you snacking on today?
Kettle corn. Um.

5. Favorite article of clothing? Why?
Currently it's my cream colored tunic that I got from Target at the beginning of the summer.

6. Who paid you a recent compliment? What was it? You’re beautiful. There now you can’t back out of the question. Mwahahahaha!
My kids were at a Halloween event at a local park and were told repeatedly that they had good manners. I take that as a compliment.

7. Where would you go on a dream vacation? What would you do? Who would be there?
Dream vacation? Gosh, I have three dream vacations. One is to drive the USA and visit every state, living out of an RV for a year. Another is to do a grand tour of Europe like they did in the old days. I've been to Poland, Italy, Germany, England, and Scotland but I'd love to go back to those places and see France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal... The last one is Africa, especially Egypt and South Africa.

8. Let’s talk superpowers: Which one would you like to have and which one do you already command?
I'd love to be able to bilocate, or trilocate. The one I have? Putting my foot in my mouth.

9. What’s one thing you own that doesn’t match your personality?
I don't know,

10. What is your favorite holiday tradition? Any holiday, any tradition.
Having my mom's home made cinnamon rolls on Easter. They are so good, but a little time consuming, and it's such a special treat to have them on the most special day of the year.

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  1. I hope and pray that your son gets to come home soon. My son has a nut allergy and I pray every time he walks out that door that he doesn't accidentally eat one.

  2. Bonnie, that's so hard! Glad he's doing better and that the school has been working with you! Sweet boy! Prayers for y'all and hope you get some good rest tonight! Love all your answers too :) You are so beautiful and those cinnamon rolls sound amazing!

  3. Good grief!! I was just commenting to my mom about how many people sneak food into Ava's dance studio, DESPITE the fact that there are several prominent signs about no food allowed due to children with food allergies who attend the studio. I haven't said anything because 1) One of the most popular sneak in items is coffee, and I didn't think dairy allergies were usually severe enough to cause that kind of reaction without ingesting them...lesson learned!! But 2) is that even after two kids with food allergies and having to deal with the more severe reactions...I have no idea how to tactfully broach the subject with relative strangers. Any suggestions?? Future blog post topic??? :) Hope James is feeling much better soon!!

  4. So sorry Bonnie. That is just crazy. Poor ALL of you.

  5. Bonnie I'm so sorry this happened to little James. My nephew has severe food allergies and our extended family is having a hard time getting the picture- which makes holiday gatherings tense because pride gets in the way and when someone brings a peanut butter pie and we're all like "OMGSH GET IT OUT!!!" feelings get hurt... And no one yet understands a child could get hurt. Ah!

  6. That is so, so scary. Wow. Our son also has allergies, but we have never yet had to use the epi pen. I feel for you all, and it is so hard to get sleep in a hospital, too. I hope your James is a thousand times better this afternoon. God bless your family!