December 31, 2014

a Thank You note on this holy day in this new year

We have been so busy enjoying our Christmas break.

Celebrations, renovations, decorations.

Once the Twelve Days of Christmas are over and my husband and kiddos return to school I'll be back to posting like normal, which is actually pretty sporadic if we're being honest. And when am I not being honest? Or frank? And frankly, I'm telling it like it is pretty much all the time.

And yet you keep coming back. God bless you.

So I wanted to pop back in - real quick - and say thank you for coming here and hanging out with me. You guys are the best.

Here's a little quote from Fulton Sheen. Something to ponder on this Holy Day, this feast of Mary the Mother of God. (Don't forget to go to Mass!)


  1. What a beautiful quote. Happy New Year, Bonnie!

  2. Thanks for the lovely quote. I've been keeping up with you on IG and cannot believe all you've undertaken this Christmas season and a go girl!

  3. Oh, and I enjoy your playlist too! Thanks for posting it.