January 4, 2015

Best of the web

We're still living up the season of Christmas in these parts, living life slowly, sitting by the fire, watching too much tv, and eating brussel spouts for lunch. (Seriously, brussel sprouts cooked in bacon grease with brown sugar and salt - be still my beating heart! But not because of a heart attack, which may happen from the bacon grease and brown sugar.)

Ahem. Anyways.

While I figure out what to make for dinner you should follow these links to some of my favorite posts I've read recently.

Travis and I saw Mockingjay for our anniversary and I've been listening to this song ever since.

Four beautiful, hard truths Ashley learned in her 20's. She's such a good writer and I really liked this list.

Speaking of good writers, Abbey is one of the best. She's not your traditional blogger but I think she's one of the best kept secrets in the Catholic blogging circle. Read about her five minutes.

Mary from Sometimes Martha, Always Mary is having a blogiversary. I spent part of my break working with her and it was a lot of fun. It's fun to watch someone have fun with blogging.

Micaela's accidental resolution that changed her life. SO. GOOD. Read it! And read the article she links to that's written by a priest.

Olivia's got some exciting news to share and share and share.

The devotions at Blessed Is She. Solid gold.

I'm super happy for and proud of my girl Jenny.

Cynthia should post more. I loved this little check-in from her.

All these good things are happening in Katie's life! So happy for her!

Haley and I have very different taste in clothes usually. When she writes her fashion posts I'll look at a picture and think "Oh gosh! That's gorgeous!" and then she'll write, "Hate it. Sending it back." And she keeps what I hate. Oh well. Sorry, Haley, but the best parts of your fashion posts are Daniel's comments and so I'll always keep coming back.

Unrealistic Perfectionism - I like hearing about it from fancy bloggers like Ann Marie - it makes me feel more normal.

Molly made me cry with her beautiful, moving reflection on miscarriage and Mordor. If you read anything from this list, read this.

Did I miss anything? What were some of your favorite posts recently? Share them in the combox so I can check them out, please.


  1. Great round-up, Bonnie! Look forward to clicking on the ones I haven't read yet and YES to so many of the ones I have already - especially Micaela's and Molly's!

  2. Thank for the roundup. Some of those blogs are not on my usual visit list so I'm looking forward to some new to me blogs.

  3. I love web round-ups. Sometimes, I do miss out on great posts because I will not check Bloglovin' for 2 or 3 days and then a really great post is buried under a hundred more.

    Molly's piece was incredible. So good! And I miss Cynthia too. I get a little too excited when I see she has posted. :)

  4. Dude. You are so sweet. I was reading this and instantly blushed...BONNIE mentioned ME?! Oh gosh...if only I could get my brain to start pumping out something more than updates, but one of these days? Always enjoy seeing your thoughts and suggestions each week. I miss you, friend. Excited to read the rest of the links!