January 17, 2015

the great winter blah

Before Christmas break there was a day when over 50 kids were out of my daughter's school. That was about 1/6 of the students. All I wanted was for everyone to be healthy over Christmas and I prayed and prayed for it. And I got it, thanks be to God.

Then Christmas break ended at our house with the stomach bug having made it's way into the house. All seven of us finally succumbed, one at a time. After bleaching every blessed thing in the house - every block, every piece of train track, every light switch, every door knob - every. blessed. thing I am hoping we won't see it again.

But all of the sickness and the intense cold has meant that we've been stuck inside a lot lately. Usually I don't mind winter but the two weeks of sickness and quarantine have made for some long, lonely days. I feel bored and restless and I'm eating too much sugar (which really isn't too much at all except that I'm not supposed to be eating any.)

So blaaaaah. That's how I'm feeling. What about you?

Today you can find me giving a bit of encouragement (or missing the mark completely) over at Blessed Is She with embroidery-worthy, thought-provoking words like, "Christ wants you to keep on keeping on."


  1. Oh Bonnie, the stomach but is miserably miserably awful! So glad it's passed but so sorry it happened. We caught a nasty one when our youngest was 1.5 months old. A.W.F.U.L! I was still healing from my cesarean so that made for even more fun. So glad it's passed and I am praying that you all get some warmer temps sooner than later so you can at least have some sunshine! And, headed over to Blessed is She ;)

  2. Oh, I'm sorry you all were sick. We had some sickness (stomach bug and flu included) right before Christmas. I'm so glad it is warming up a bit, so we can get out more (at least it's warming up here, hopefully there too!!).

    P.S. I loved your devotion. Always do :)

  3. Sorry that you all have been sick! I am about 2 weeks into a sudden and unexpected confinement (broken right ankle and upcoming surgery) and so I am really trying to pace myself and not let myself get into the winter blahs yet or I will never make it through this; which really isn't an option! Praying that you all stay well now and heading over to Blessed is She now to check out your devotion...