January 8, 2015

Who will you nominate?

Did you know Venerable Sheen was bi-ritual and could celebrate the Sacraments in the Roman and Byzantine rites? Just another thing to love about him.

The Sheenazing Awards (named in honor of Fulton Sheen) are entering their third year and I'm really excited to see who you all nominate as the best of the Catholic blogosphere.

Categories this year will include:
Funniest Blog
Best Looking Blog
Most Inspiring Blog
Best Lifestyle Blog
Best Under-Appreciated Blog
Smartest Blog
Best Blog by a Man
Best Blog by a Non-Papist
Coolest Blogger

along with some new categories:
Best Podcast
Best Vlog
Best Instagrammer
Miss Congeniality

To see who won in the past go here.

This is always such a fun way to celebrate Fulton Sheen and all the good work he did with media to proclaim the Gospel, to find new (to me) blogs, and to honor those bloggers who are doing a really great job. I hope you'll come back to nominate and vote! See you Monday!


  1. oh heck yes.

    Just as last year, please send me some stuff so I can help you tally!

  2. I'm already plotting...I mean planning my victory, uh, celebration.

  3. I love it. I feel like a know a bit more of the Catholic blogosphere than I did last year & this is such a great way for me to find even more!

  4. This will be my first year of anticipating this fun event and actually knowing what it is/a little more about the beautiful Catholic blogosphere! I'm excited :D

  5. I'm so excited for this! Last year the Sheenazing Awards helped me find almost all of the Catholic blogs that I now love and read regularly (including this one :) I can't wait to find some more great ones.

  6. Wahoooo!! Can't wait to find more awesome blogs like I did last year!

  7. YAY!! This has helped me find a lot of neat blogs to follow...excited to follow along again:)

  8. Looking forward to checking out all of the new nominees! You think you know everything that's out there and then you find out you've missed some. Thank you for doing this Bonnie!

  9. That's awesome he was bi-ritual! I didn't know you could have bi-ritual bishops... I mean if a priest is grant the faculties and then he is ordained a bishop... then I guess that's how it happens!