May 22, 2015

7QT - Lord Huron, Little House, & my name in 1930

Happy Friday, all! Thank you, Kelly, for hosting Seven Quick Takes each week.

1 - Lord Huron is my latest kick. Their whole Strange Trails album sounds great to me, and maybe will to you, too. If you like The Head and the Heart or The Mavericks then I think you will. :)

2 - David L won the American Sniper giveaway. Congrats to you, David! :)

3 - If you missed the first two episodes of The Visitation Project you can find them in the archives here. If there's something you'd like to hear us discuss on the show please let us know! Our next episode airs Sunday night at 9:30 CST. You can listen live here or you can tune in at 88.3 FM.

And let's just take a moment to say: Isn't it funny that I have a legit radio show? I'm still wrapping my mind around it and waiting for Heather and Rebecca to approach me and say, "Thanks for giving it a go. Here's your consultation prize."

4 - I took the little quiz from Time "Find Our What Your Name Would Be if You Were Born Today."

According to Time, Bonnie was the ranked the 169th most popular name in the US the year I was born (early '80s). Therefore, if I were born today my name would be Gabrielle.

In 2000s my name would be Ashleigh, in the 1990s it would be Rachelle, and in the 1980s it would not be Bonnie but Maribel. What?

My 1940s name is the lovely "Sybil" and my 1930s name deserves a huge WTH because its "John." My 1920s name was almost a fabulous "Alice" but they spelled it with a 'y' so I think it's dumb instead. Sorry if you're name is Alyce.

5 -  I finished the last two Little House books in the last two days. I had never before read them and really, really enjoyed them. Reading about Laura and Almanzo's courtship was so interesting to me and I was so excited every time he'd pop up at her home. But the books ended sadly, even though I know they went on to live happily in Missouri. The loss of their son, poor Mr. and Mrs. Boast wanting their baby because they couldn't have their own, the debt, the illnesses, the house with that suh-weet pantry burning down...

The stories have actually really impacted me and I have spent a lot of time thinking about how the family and I can live more simply. I'm pretty sure the answers are: Get Rid of the Internet and Purge the House. However, I could be wrong (my family hopes I am, and really so do I!) but it's something for me to continue to think on. I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same.

6 -  The Little House books were for my own pleasure but now I'm reading Dad Is Fat by Jim Gaffigan with my book club. I'm bringing it on the plane with me today and will probably be awkwardly laughing on an otherwise silent plane. :)

7 - I'll be speaking in Rochester, MN tonight at the Brew-Ha-Ha gala for St. James Coffee. My old friend Brian works for the Catholic coffee shop and I'm so excited to visit the location and see what it's like. So far what I've heard has sounded great! Good coffee, speakers and Bible studies, open to the public, an Adoration chapel - I'd like one in my neck of the woods, please.

PS - I'm really excited to be part of a special initiative called The Credo Project. The bloggers who are part of it love our Catholic faith and want to share it with our readers. We are therefore putting buttons in our sidebars that link to the website Catholics Come Home. If you have a blog and want to join us in sharing what we believe as Catholics, please grab a button and join us! You'll see mine is already sitting pretty to the right. :)


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(With many thanks to Molly from Molly Makes Do and Kendra from Catholic All Year for creating the buttons for The Credo Project!)


  1. I've enjoyed the first episode of The Visitation Project so very much. I would love for you ladies to talk about how to live your Catholic life when your extended family is not so Catholic (as in very Bible church, fundamentalist).

  2. litt
    E House books. I re read them routinely through the years, I think they are great. And, my favorite is also These Happy Golden Years. Have you read the one Laura wrote about their trip to MO? It is called On the Way Home. Side note, because I had never watched the show, but it was so good and great family show made in the 90s I think... Road to Avonlea (does not involve Anne of Green Gables, rather other town folk), also by the same producer, Wind At My Back, about a family who comes on hard times during the depression, takes place in Canada, the kids are boys, so I believe boys would be more interested in watching it. Living in a simpler time. We found these shows at our local library, but I think you can see short snippets on YouTube to see what they are like. Anyway, not too much to do with your blog today, but your comments on Laura Ingalls made me think of them.

  3. Um, John??? Yes, that definitely deserves a WTH!

  4. So my 1980s name is William.. Too bad my parents went with Mia instead.. What? My fav is my 1900s name: Emeline. My 1890s name is Gillie and I don't know why but I like it. My name right now would be Kelly.

  5. There is a series of books by T.L. Tedrow called "In the Days of Laura Ingalls Wilder" that take place in Mansfield, Missouri in the early 20th century. I think they're out of print but your library could order them for you.

  6. I was a little disappointed in Dad is Fat simply because a lot of the content of the books seemed to come straight from his standup specials and since I'd already watched them, the jokes weren't as funny the second time.

    I hope your talk went well.

    I love that name generator! I discovered it the other day and put in the info for pretty much everyone in the family including the baby names we plan to use for our baby (though I had to pretend they were born last year). My names were pretty predictable, but since Lucia's name is much more rare, it was fun to see the names that were used but fairly rare over the past decades, including some I'd never heard before (Esta in the 1900s, Leatrice in the 1930s, Amaya today).

  7. Lord Huron really is getting famous... Ben (the lead singer) Tom (right next to Ben) and Mark (drummer) all were in my High School class with me and they had a ska band for a while and we went to all their concerts.. I've had fun watching their success!

  8. I love Rochester. Where's the coffee shop at?

  9. The last Little House book was SO depressing :( I hadn't read it in years and just finished the series with the older two kids - they LOVED all the other books and the last one just met with crickets! She didn't write it to be a part of the series, it was just one of her journals for her daughter, and they ended up publishing it anyway even though it really wasn't finished... I have a feeling that if she had turned it into an actual book, it would have been a lot better! But seriously - crops fail, baby dies, somebody tries to buy her daughter, crops fail again, crops fail AGAIN... There was almost NOTHING redeeming about the book! Next time around, I'm skipping it and ending with These Happy Golden Years.

  10. I have been thinking a lot about the issue of simplicity and how multifaceted it is (it's not just purging - it's also reducing the mental clutter and the schedule clutter and and and...). I recently started reading Simplicity Parenting (Payne) and what I have read so far is so convicting and so helpful.

    I also wrote a lot about all of this (including some other books I've found helpful) on my blog today :)