May 8, 2015

Happy 120th Birthday!

Today is Fulton Sheen's birthday.

Don't know Venerable Fulton Sheen or why I like him so? Well, here's a little glimpse:

I was really blessed to be able to attend Mass at my kids' school today, and thanks to my friends Jim and Sonyia, Father was able to celebrate Mass with the chalice from Venerable Sheen's traveling Mass kit. (You can see pictures of the Mass kit here.)

Then I was able to head over to my friend's classroom so Jim and Sonyia could share the relic with her students  and I could share James' story with them. The kids, 5th graders at a local Catholic school, all have a huge devotion to Sheen and were thrilled to hold his stole, patent, chalice, and cincture.

There will, of course, be dessert to night and a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday."

We thank God for Bishop Sheen and pray that he will one day be named a saint for the honor and glory of Christ Jesus. +


  1. Today is my james' birthday too! I never knew it was Ven. Fulton Sheen's! My James was a bit of a miracle baby too, born at 28 weeks, just over 2 lbs, we were told he would have cerebral palsy and never he turns 10 and is a perfectly healthy, happy boy! Deo Gratias! And Happy Birthday to the venerable archbishop too!

  2. I'm not Catholic but I am a huge fan of the great Archbishop.
    I hope to see him canonised in my lifetime.

  3. We're having ice cream sundaes! And alcohol! And Lego night at the library! It doesn't get much more exciting than that in these parts. Heck, that's more excitement than I get for MY birthday.

  4. I want to say thanks for introducing me to Fulton Sheen. Every time I read one of his quotes (RE: the BIS image on Instagram yesterday) or learn more about him, I like him more and more!

  5. Ah, I love him too! Thanks for the birthday reminder. I enjoy watching his old show on youtube and sometimes on EWTN!