May 12, 2015

I was deep in sin (and snotty tissues)

For more than two weeks we've been battling sinus infections with antibiotics and breathing treatments. We were never contagious (so said my doctor)  but I have been so, so tired.

But I've also been finding a lot of fruitful prayer though this song, God Demonstrates by Harvest Parker. It's the the line, "I was deep in sin, deep in sin, but Your love was deeper still" that has been echoing in my heart. There's something about being ill and trudging through the snot and meds and sleepless nights that makes it easier for me to understand how sick my soul has been at time.


  1. What a beautiful song. Thanks for sharing it. I hope you're all feeling better!

  2. Thank You for that song. OMG I am bereft.