June 17, 2015

A future train driver, a pirate, and a mom sum up their school year AND the Best of the Web

Summer is in full swing in these parts. Of course it's raining almost every day but there's still time for swimming lessons, playing in the sprinkler, and checking in on our small garden and pumpkin patch. 

Today we tried something new: handwriting and math worksheets for the older three while Resa and I worked on shapes, colors, and numbers. L read aloud to us all and then I sent them to play - I have some very important blogging to do!

Important blogging, like posting the last day of school pics for the sake of my adult children who will read this blog when I am dead and shed tears over how embarrassing I was.


Ben finished his school year first.
At the beginning of the year Ben wanted to learn how to make boats. Sadly that didn't happen for him this year but he did learn his ABCs, as in how to write, identify, sign, and say their sounds. I had at least taught him the song. He also wanted to be a farmer when he grew up and he said he likes trains.

JF's last day came next.
I didn't do the survey with JF at the beginning of the year, probably because I didn't have my act together. Sorry future JF! But how cute is it that he wants to be a pirate when he grows up? arrrrgh

L finished up third and here's what she had to say for herself:
Math was what L was excited to learn at the beginning of the year and I'm so glad she takes after her daddy and enjoys the thrill of numbers. (That actually wasn't sarcastic.) In August she wanted to be a veterinarian when she grew up, which was heavily influenced by a visit from Resa's godmother who is a vet, and she liked flowers. Now she likes playing on the slip-n-slide.

Travis finished up his school year last, spent a week working at his parents, and then started an intensive masters' class. So here we are now. The baby is sleeping, Travis assignment for the day has been submitted, JF just got tossed on the sofa, and Ben is calling someone a Tickle Turd. 

And on that note, may I introduce you to 

This week (and it's only Wednesday!) has been a fabulous one for blog posts. Here's some of my faves.

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Have a fun day, all, and thanks for stopping in!


  1. Thank you so much for your links! I love this feature so much!!

  2. Haha! One of mine also said she wants to be a mom when she grows up, and another wants to be a mermaid!!
    I hope you have a fabulous summer!

  3. Bonnie, thanks for the link! (I want to be a train driver too when I grow up, so I'll be watching his progress ;) )

  4. I always feel much more well read (at least in the blogosphere) after one of your Best of the Web features :). Thanks for sharing my giveaway!

  5. I might want to be a pirate when I grow up too ;) So many good reads this week - thanks for including us!