July 4, 2015

A 4th of July 7QT - with a playlist for your holiday

1 - Need a 4th of July playlist? Well, if country music is your thing then you'll love this one. These are the songs we'll be listening to tomorrow.

2 - We've got a big day ahead of us for the 4th of July. The German potato salad and red, white, and blue rice krispie treats are made and ready for a full day of train rides and petting zoos at the park, parades, grilling, drinking, family, and fireworks. One of my favorite parts, though, is that Travis' family (who we'll be with) always stands for the flag when it passes. I told you before, we're a bunch of patriots.

3 - In case you're still trying to decide what to bring to the nation's birthday party here's some suggestions of offerings that are good and safe for people with gluten, soy, egg, nut, and dairy allergies. Sorry to self-promote, but potlucks and dinner parties always make me so scared for my boys. No one wants to end their holiday with anaphylaxis.

4 - One year we actually did this:
But not this year.

5 - In the past I've listed of things I love about America and traditional 'Merican things.I thought it would be fun to do it again. So here goes:

superheroes, strawberry pretzel salad, Johnny Cash, homecomings for members of the armed forces, Netflix, potlucks, Chinese take out, fireflys, kiddie pools, national parks, the Little House on the Prairie books, comic con, country music, sparklers, baby showers, cold beer in a bottle, Texas queso, redwood forests, bonfires, s'mores, Kateri Tekawitha, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Fallon, Longmire, westerns, John Wayne, Joan of Arch WWII posters, The Walking Dead, Bottlecaps candy, McDonald's french fries, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears, Superbowl parties, hats at the Kentucky Derby, libraries, family pizza nights, splash parks, the Declaration of Independence, blogs, DIY, This Old House, father of the bride speeches at wedding receptions, people who use clothes lines, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, Pinterest, my kids running around in the backyard as they spray each other with the garden hose.

6 - I'm already a day late and a dollar short with this, but that's what happens when I make time for napping instead of blogging. Thanks, Kelly for hosting and for being on the ball!

7 - Happy 4th of July, everyone. God bless America and may He protect and bless our troops.