July 22, 2015

A chance for *you* to hear my talk about James Fulton, the alleged miracle, and Archbishop Sheen

 I have the great honor and joy to travel the country, sharing the story of when our son James was stillborn and dead for over an hour only to amazingly come back to life, and miraculously be alive and 100% healthy today, almost five years later. I am able to share with people the reasons why my family, our friends, and many others - including medical and theological experts at the Congregation for the Causes of Saints - believe that this alleged miracle happened through the intercession of Venerable Fulton J. Sheen.

It's awesome. I get to travel to new places and meet or re-connect with all kinds of wonderful people.

 I even get to wear cute clothes and use a powerpoint to illustrate the difference between the "bump bump" and the "jigga jigga," because I use just enough medical jargon so the doctors, nurses, and paramedics in the audience believe what I'm saying. The rest of what I say is said in a way so even I could understand it if I was an audience member.

The speaking gigs are a really great thing for us. We are happy to be able to spread the message of Fulton Sheen and the alleged miracle that was submitted for his cause. And on a much more practical level, the stipends pay my kids' parochial school tuition. Win-win.

But I know that not all the awesome people who have followed along with James' story are able to fly me to their home and pay me to share the story with them. So I'm offering something special and I'm really excited about it.

Next week. on Tuesday, July 28th at 8:30pm CST I will be hosting a Google Hangout where I share the 30 minute version of my talk. I would love it if you'd come!

Afterward I'll field questions - they can be about the talk, Fulton Sheen, the cause, or even about the blog.

All of this is being offered for free, though through the encouragement of some of my readers I will be sharing my PayPal link if anyone wants to donate a few dollars to the tip jar.

I will have more info on Monday so please stay tuned! I hope you can make it!

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