July 31, 2015

The day I did the Amazing

It was a feat most woman would not dare to do. An adventure so epic even myself - especially myself - just a mere five years ago would have thought it improbable. No: Impossible.

"What was it?" you ask.

Well friends, I'll break it down.

First, while five months pregnant, on a hot summer day, I loaded up all five of my kids - aged 7, 5, 4, 3, and 2.

Second, we went to Hobby Lobby. All of us. With only their ridiculously small carts that can only fit the 2 year old in the basket-kid-seat-thingy, and the three year old in the main basket of the cart.

Third, we took a bathroom break. It was our first destination at the store and I was able to fit the cart, myself, and the three other kiddos in the smallish one room, sorta dirty bathroom. Everyone went potty, everyone washed their hands, and the baby had a diaper change.

Fourth, we shopped and got all the supplies needed for a bridal shower I held for my sister-in-law. No one cried and everyone was cheerful.

Fifth, we looked at the Christmas decorations (because it's still July so that makes sense). Glass ornaments were ooohed and ahhhed over and nothing broke. Nothing.

Sixth, we stood in front of an entire wall of pumpkins and I chuckled as James kept running his eyes floor to ceiling while waving his arms in big, open circles and saying, "Pumpkins. Pumpkins." He was in total amazement.

Seventh, we went through the check-out and no one asked for candy.

Moms and dads, if you are reading this and intimidated by the thought of taking your one or two, or three or four kids shopping I just want you to remember this: if I can make it at Hobby Lobby with 5 kids, no accidents, no shouting, and no tears you can too.

I'm gonna link this up with Kelly's Seven Quick Takes since I broke it down into seven steps, and now I'd like to make a little announcement:


  1. You're awesome. I just went through hell and back trying to find a babysitter to watch one kid so I only have to take two kids with me tomorrow for Clark's swim lessons because my blood pressure rises thinking about taking all three to watch Clark swim.

  2. This is awesome. So awesome. I took all three to the grocery store yesterday. Two in the cart and the baby on my back. And ya know what? I had no less than SEVEN people stop me and compliment my children, tell me what a good job I was doing, and remark how much they miss these years. Not one single negative look or comment.

    Sometimes I think we spend a lot of energy fighting the "enemy" of large families. And I don't doubt that people do have negative experiences. But I'm starting to think that it doesn't happen nearly as often as we seem to suggest. Most people like kids and most people are happy to compliment a mother and her children.

    1. I had a similar experience this morning, and everyone was so kind and complimentary and even the "your hands are full!"s were genuinely happy. It's was really nice.

  3. That is fantastic!
    I am expecting #4, and I take my 3 to the store with me every week, but only the oldest (5) is allowed to not sit in the cart, then I bribe the other two with snacks and run around like a crazed maniac getting all that we need and giving the oldest tasks along the way. I've worried for awhile that 3 kids won't be contained in the cart!
    But you've given me some hope!

  4. Way to go Bonnie! You're amazing! Those small carts are the worst!

  5. I treated myself on the last day of vbs and took myself to Hobby Lobby by myself. Not really even to get anything, just to walk around. And wouldn't you know it, I ran the cart straight into the glass angel display. Thankfully nothing broke, but sheesh.

  6. You're awesome! And this gives me so much hope! My last trip to Hobby Lobby with the kids was so frustrating... and I even had another adult with me. At least we didn't break anything, though!