August 4, 2015

Doctor Who, Holly Golightly, TVP, and you

What do Doctor Who and Holly Golightly have in common?

They both have a definite understanding of what's cool, be it bowties or little black dresses. They are both pop culture icons. And they have both financially supported The Visitation Project. (There's different levels of giving, beginning at $10, and each has a special Thank You gift to go with it.)

The Visitation Project is a radio show but I know a lot of our listeners do not listen over the airwaves, but treat TVP as a podcast which I think is awesome.

Listeners like Megan:

Right now TVP only broadcasts in one corner of the big ole USA. Our hope, though is that soon more and more radio stations will begin to pick it up.

Imagine if, while running errands you tuned into your local Catholic radio station and you were greeted by a Texan, a midwesterner, and a hippy. It's like I'm riding shotgun in your minivan!

Imagine if your Catholic radio station carried voices, perspectives, and conversations you identified with.

Imagine if not just women who are in the know about podcasts or have subscriptions to special radio stations were able to stumble upon a radio show that was a mix of pop culture, family life, and a vibrant faith.

But even for those of us who like our podcasts - for walks or chores or dinner prep - here's some good reasons why TVP is a little different, and why what we do, while is costs money, is beneficial to you.

-Recording together, in person means we benefit form a professional radio engineer and equipment. This allows for less technical difficulties and a clearer, more vibrant sound, which means no matter where you're listening you can hear us over your coworkers, sizzling dinner, or playing kids.

- Working in Catholic radio, we are trying to reach a group of women who have been largely unreached. We talk about mother-in-laws, Sacraments, pop music, depression, self-care, and Divine Mercy. We are not a news show. We are three friends who are having fun but also wanting to show the world that Catholics aren't sticks in the mud.

- Being a part of Catholic radio means we are listener supported, however we are essentially free. There are no membership fees, no "Cool Kids Club," and no fancy equipment you need beyond a computer or - hopefully some day - your local Catholic radio station.

Now, I know that money is tight for a lot of our listeners. I also know everyday it seems like someone is asking for money. Maybe you are asked out. Maybe you're budget is really tight. I get that. Believe me, I get that!

So that's why I'm very happy to let you know that for those of you who give just $10 there is a special incentive - a podcast that will only be available to our donors. If you can give at the next level, $25, you receive the podcast + a copy of my chocolate chip cookie recipe. If you give enough I'll even bake you some and ship them to your house. :)

We are so grateful for everyone who has given, beyond the Doctor and Holly. To those of you who have given and to those who will: Thank You!

To give, click here.


  1. This morning I decided to start walking in the mornings with my baby girl in her carrier, and it just so happened that the next episode on my playlist was the one on self care! I nearly started crying as you guys talked about your experiences with PPD. I don't know if I have (had?) it, but I felt lower than the floor until about a week or so ago. It was so nice to hear you guys discuss it so honestly, letting me know I'm not alone. I really hope that TVP can stay on the air. <3 megan