August 11, 2015

End of summer

Summer has flown by and is almost at an end. The kids go back next week and I'll have a second grader and a kindergartner both at our parish school, a pre-k-er at the public school, two at home, and one in the oven. (Whaaaat?!!!)

What was I saying? Oh yes: This summer has been a good one. 

Resa is fully, 100% out of diapers and 100% adorable.

 We have watched a lot of Doctor Who, getting ready for the season that was just released on Netflix.
 This is L, entranced with River Song.

We've done some small jobs around the house and yard. The newer wallpaper is pretty blah, and the old wallpaper I uncovered is... well ugly now. However, if this was bright and clean and new I would actually love it. Soon it will be painted white.

The yard needed taming. Well, it still needs a lot of help, but slow and steady wins the race. Ben helping his dad is just so, so, so, so cute.

Joe turned two and we had a Curious George party for him. Look at that cake my sister in law made and look at that smile. He was thrilled with us singing to him.

On Facebook people keep sharing an old article by Brandon Vogt about the advising medical experts approving James' alleged miracle, thinking it's new and that the cause has been re-opened. Unfortunately that is not true and, to my knowledge, the cause is still closed.

Which is really sad, so let's look at a cute picture of Ben and JF sleeping in our bed.

It's funny the article is going around now because just two weeks ago I shared my 30 minute presentation during a live Google broadcast. If you missed it, you can watch (or just listen to) the video here.

Last week I was back in the Portland, Oregon area recording more episodes of The Visitation Project. I'm really excited for the shows we did and I can't wait for you to hear them!

One of the episodes we recorded was the exclusive podcast that is available to our donors. You get to meet our engineer, Keith, and hear some other secret stuff. If you've got ten bucks to spare and you'd like to receive the podcast, our GoFundMe is still live and we'd love a little help. Here's where I explain why we need you and what makes our show different than other podcasts we all know and love. 

And lastly, if you missed Sunday night's episode, it's up on the Mater Dei website. A mom who homeschools, a mom who used to homeschool and now sends her kid to parochial school, and a mom with kids at the parochial and public school - hear what we have to say about being the primary educator of your children. Check it out here!

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  1. And Travis is a teacher right? I am always so sad when it is time for Ryan to go back to school full time. I should be grateful he gets such a great summer break but the school year hours are looking and its always hard to re-adjust, I think.