February 8, 2016

Best of the Web

Did you see that Abbey's blog had a little face lift over at Surviving Our Blessings? It looks so lovely.

Kathryn at Team Whitaker gets me. She just gets me. Our Catholic school experience has been wonderful so far and her 7 Reasons Catholic Schools Matter, along with the linked posts at the end, really rings true for me. 

Basically everything Jenny has been writing recently has been amazing. So here's the grand slam of links. Well done, Mama Needs Coffee. 

On a little lighter side, Haley's 9 Reasons the Weasleys are (Probably) a Catholic Family is solid gold for any HP fans. 

Oh! I don't know if you missed this, but Colleen Mitchell will be stateside this summer (instead of in Costa Rica, where she and her family run a mission that opens their home to indigenous mothers) and so she can join us as one of the break-out speakers for the Finding Your Fiat conference! I know she has some amazing words to share with us about saying "yes!" to God. I hope you can join us!
For more info and to purchase your tickets click on over

And on the Lent-is-almost-here-what-am-I-doing side 40+ Resources for Lent and February Liturgical Resources by Haley is good. So is Kendra's old beauty 66 Things to Give Up or Take Up for Lent. And let's not forget Meg's 100 Things to Do for Lent.

I'm still partial to cleaning my windows as a Lenten practice and using our kid-friendly Stations of the Cross box.

But I'm also excited to be getting the chance to be guinea pigs for a new company that is testing it's product: The Mass Box. The idea is pretty neat: videos are available online that will explain what's going to be happening in the upcoming Mass - be it a holy day or Sunday - and demonstrate the craft that will be coming in the mail. So then, after the kids (and parents) are prepped by the video the family can do the craft and have their own conversation about the liturgical season, special holy day, Sunday readings, and/or Mass. Like I said, we are testing the product, but you can check it out too. Here's the Ash Wednesday video and here's The Mass Box website for more info. 

And for moms there's the Blessed Is She Lenten Devotional Workbook digital download for $15 or the Waiting in the Word Scripture Study from Nell, Laura, and Nancy.

Oh! And on Instagram you can partake in an auction with the Zelie & Co. crafters and creators this Tuesday. The auction is benefiting charity so it's a win-win-win situation. You get something lovely, you support Catholic artists and small business owners, and people are helped through the charitable donations. 

And that's it... I think! Oh geesh - there's so much going on and I'm seeing it all but having a hard time sharing it all because there's still lots of snuggling and nursing going on around here, which took the place of much of the napping from my pregnancy, which had previously taken the place of my blogging.

God bless, you guys. xo


  1. I want to hear Thomas' birth story! You know, in your spare time :) Hope you two are doing well.

    1. I know, and I want to write it. I'm getting there, Karyn, I promise! haha.

  2. Thanks for the love, Bonnie! This is a great roundup of links- so many good things are out there right now.

  3. Such a great gathering of links - thank you!

  4. I love your Best of the Web posts. I miss a lot on my own. You rock, Bonnie!