March 11, 2016

Easter Baskets, Books, & a Thank You

Picture by Annie Spratt

It's that time of year when I have to figure out what I want to give my kids for Easter. The gifts need to
a) not drive me crazy
b) not be a bunch of candy
c) be practical
d) not break my heart if they don't last forever
e) last longer than the Octave of Easter
f) be something they'll be excited about.

This year I'm doing the whole umbrellas turned upside down for the basket thing, which you probably saw on Facebook and Pinterest. Totally cute, right? They originated on Primal Dish, and I just love the idea.

The kids will each get their own, in their own color* filled with their own special color cup** and swim goggles. Starbursts and sidewalk chalk will round things out and all the items meet all my criteria.

And in case you're wondering what to get for your friends and family I wanted to share some ideas. Some of these are Amazon links and if you make a purchase after following my link I will get a small referral fee at no cost to you, but I'm not being compensated for any of the other items.

Also, as a way help and show my appreciation to you, I've reached out to the many of the artists and creators I'm featuring and have gotten special coupon codes for you to use. Many of these items would make special gifts for First Holy Communions and Baptisms, too!

So here's the things we're doing this year and items we've done in the past and some other stuff I simply love and wanted to share:

This year's (affiliate links following:) umbrellassidewalk chalk, and goggles mentioned above are obviously good choices. ;)

Prints by Jude LandryBrick House in the City, and Hatch Prints - these hang in my kitchen and brighten my life.
Use the coupon code HEISRISEN for 20% off from now until Easter at Brick House in the City.
Use the coupon code AKNOTTEDLIFE15 for 15% off from now through May 15th at Hatch Prints.
Use the coupon code FRIENDOFBONNIE for 15% off from Jude Landry.

Saintly Silver dolls - Tee just received Fulton Sheen and Fr. Kapaun for his baptism and I can attest to the high quality and adorableness of these suckers.

Honey Child Forrest has so many whimsical crafts and cute things - I swoon all the time.
Use the coupon code BONNIE16 now through Monday for free shipping from Honey Child Forrest.

For the bearded men in your life: Catholic Beard Balm

For family game night fun: Spot It and Go Fish, Old Maid, and Crazy 8s card games

For kiddos with special events coming up: Timree Box
Use the coupon code aknottedlife to get 10% off any religious dish from Timree

And books!
An Alphabet of Catholic Saints (sweet for littles)
The Weight of the Mass (If you don't own this already buy this book; it's perfect for littles and kids prepping for First Communion)
Chime Travelers (easy but good chapter books)
Angel in the Waters (lovely - especially for families expecting a new baby)

Plus, I want to tell you about a couple of new-ish books by Michelle from My Domestic Monastery: Mary Holds My Hand and I Walk With Jesus.

 Mary Holds My Hand is a child's rosary book. There are great reflections and prayers to help the children through the decades. I've passed this book on to my daughter to help her learn to love the rosary better and so far it's been a good fit.

It's also beautifully illustrated by Heather Sleighton of Audrey Eclectic Folk Art. (Which, by the way her Madonna in Blooms would make a great Easter basket gift for an older child, your mom, or yourself. Use the coupon code knottedlife to get 15% off through April 15th.)

I Walk with Jesus is an incredibly kid-friendly Station of the Cross book. We have several books for Stations and I like them all, and each is good for a different age. This one is perfect for my littlest kids. I wish each page had the Station's proper title and the prayer, "We adore You, O Christ, and we praise You..." because I get lost in remembering those things while trying to help my kids pray, but the pictures and the words are so perfect for the target audience that it's a small complaint. If you're looking for a good book to help with Holy Week and to grow this devotion in your domestic church I definitely suggest this one.

Okay, I know I should do some great wrap-up but baby Tee is crying and I need to go! Let us pray for each other!

PS - If you're joining or coming into full communion with or returning to the Church this Easter please let me know!!!

PPS - *I learned that assigning each kid a color trick from Kathryn.
**That cup one, too.


  1. Umbrellas are awesome gifts for kids (and adults). Every few years, we ask an aunt/grandma to buy these for Christmas. The younger kids love playing with them, and the older ones actually use them for their intended purpose. (The little kids and their active imaginations are usually the reason we need new ones every few years!) What a wonderful gift! I hope your kids love them.

  2. The cups will change your life. #truestory What a great list, Bonnie!

  3. Umbrellas are such a cute idea! I am saving that for next year.

  4. I just ordered St Cecilia from Saintly Silver for my daughter's Confirmation. I have been looking for a small statue for her, but this better reflects her personality.

  5. Where can you find the "I walk with Jesus" book? I Google searched it but was unable to find it. Thanks!

  6. Jk! I don't know how I missed the pink link the first time...I found it. Thank you!