May 17, 2016

Podcasts I Love - Newbies and Oldies

Hey friends!

Recently I have been listening to a bunch of new podcasts and I wanted to share the list with you in case you're also looking for something interesting. Many thanks to my Facebook friends for all the great suggestions!

Stuff You Missed in History Class Love. it. Super interesting. This is filled with all the stories that make up the broad picture history you sorta remember from high school.

The Moth Regular people and not so average people tell their stories. I have enjoyed hearing from people with different beliefs, morals, and life experiences because nothing is told in a "If you don't agree you're a jerk" sort of way - which is so common in most other forms of social media - but in a "Here's my story, which can be part of your story since we're all in this together" sort of a way.

Girlfriends with Danielle Bean I started listening when my friend Kathryn Whitaker was a guest and I haven't stopped. Danielle has so much wisdom and a great personality to go with it. Plus each episode has a special guest and each guest answers the same list of questions. It's interesting to hear how everyone's answers vary.

How They Blog This is a niche one, I know, but lots of good content for any bloggers.

Lanky Guys These priests give a break down on the Sunday readings. It's great since sometimes I'm so busy keeping the kids in line and soothing the baby I miss the homily.

The Right Heart I just started this one but it's been wonderful and came highly recommended. Really great interviews with a lot of Catholic moms I love and admire.

The Simple Show This one was a bit of a surprise for me because I've never followed Tsh or her blog. But her podcast has been so great and she is so humble and warm-hearted. I know she didn't set out to win me over, but that's what happened.

Plus, here's three more that I have to add to this list even though I've loved them for awhile now:

Ghost Fawn  Cari and Ken are homesteaders and geeks and Catholic converts and passionate people. I love hearing them talk about their homesteading adventures and really appreciate the formatting of their podcast. I am so inspired by them.

Fountains of Carrots It's friends chatting and you get to eaves drop. Books, movies, interviewing interesting people - they've got it all. These podcasts are longer so I have to stop and start but Haley and Christy are the bees' knees.

Catholic Stuff You Should Know My apologies to all my podcasting friends but this one is simply my absolute favorite. Hands down. All the way. They get me.

There's a few more on my list - including my own radio show The Visitation Project, but if I've missed one of yours please let me know.

PS - Danielle Bean actually had me on her show! It was super fun and I'm so grateful for the chance to talk about Sheen's cause, my mom's cinnamon rolls, and what I have in common with a Biblical leper. You can listen here.


  1. Thanks for the recommendations! The podcast thing is something I'm *just* getting into, so in addition to podcasts I also need some pointers as to which (free) app to use! (The first one I downloaded was so convoluted, I had no idea what I was doing!)

    1. You know Sara, I just use iTunes on my laptop, which is parked on my kitchen counter. I'll ask on my FB page, too, though, and hopefully FB will show it to people and we'll get some more answers.

  2. Bonnie, thanks for these recommendations! I just started listening to podcasts several months ago (when I moved into an apartment that has internet access!!!), and the only ones I've really listened to much are Catholic Stuff and Fountains of Carrots. I'm excited to try these other ones out, too! Ghost Fawn sounds particularly intriguing. I mean, anytime you put "geek" "Catholic" and "homesteading" in the same sentence, it's gotta mean something really awesome, right?

  3. I've gone through all The Visitation Project podcasts--will you be broadcasting/recording any new episodes coming up? :)

  4. I really like How They Blog too but am bummed she hasn't continued to update new me some new podcast recommendations:)

  5. Catholic Bytes is a newer, very good one.

  6. Catholic Bytes is a newer, very good one.

  7. Bonnie, you would really love Go Forth by my friend Becky. Seriously, they have had some of the best guests on there...most of them right here from my own state! Our Bishop, a friend who was cured from stage 4 cancer, a mother who lost her son, a woman experiencing infertility, a man who was into drugs and turned his life around, a priest talking about how to teach your children to be in the world and not “of it.” Believe me, i think you’ll dig it. Check it out!

  8. Messy Parenting: Catholic conversations on marriage and family