July 21, 2016

Baby Tee's Baptism!

When sweet baby Tee was not even two months old we called in the troops, headed to the last Sunday Mass of the day, and had our son baptized.

Friends and family came for the event, which was really wonderful - to look out over the pews and see so many of our loved ones. It was laid back, with kids wandering and toddling about. But the deacon didn't mind one bit, and nor did we.

Resa got a good sniff of the chrism right before it was used on Tee's forehead.

Love this moment.

And here's the godparents, our good friends Justin and Ruth, the newest little Catholic, and hubby and me. We're a happy bunch. :)

We followed the Sacrament up with a cook-out at our house.

I ended up loving the little "tablescape" I set up. A sweet little gift from his mormor. Holy water from the baptismal font. Handmade namesake peg dolls: Thomas Aquinas and Fr. Emil Kapaun. A Hatch print that Katrina sent as a "Hello, Baby!" gift. His baptismal candle. A Fr. Kapaun holy card. A rosary from his godparents. And the baptismal gown that was handmaid by my friend Sr. Marie Noelle, OP. (It's too small for my big babies so we use it as the white garment that is laid on the baby instead of the felt thingy from the parish. 

 And, of course, we had to find a way to bring our man Fulton Sheen into the day. I thought this quotes was a good one.

It was a beautiful day. We are so grateful for our faith, our friends and family, and our sweet baby Tee. 


  1. Y'all get such pretty baptismal candles. Congrats on your newest little Catholic!

  2. Thomas looks like he really favors his dad in that top photo. Congratulations and welcome to the family!

  3. Congratulations! Beautiful event!

  4. So lovely!!! I just love the smell of sacred chrism too, so pretty :)