July 5, 2016

Member Access with Blessed Is She

Work it. That's what's coming next for Blessed Is She. Or, more specifically: workshops.

You might have caught the online workshop BIS hosted with guest speaker Haley Stewart on Living Liturgically for the Uncrafty, Busy Family. I watched it live and loved being a part of the conversation while learning from my friend. And I have good news: more are coming! And they're coming in a really amazing way.

In order to really offer the growing, blooming, thriving BIS community more, Blessed Is She is taking an exciting step and offering regularly scheduled workshops, available through Member Access. Members will have special access to monthly online workshops hosted by speakers from around the country + exclusive companion worksheets + Advent and Lenten journals automatically shipped to their homes.

The BIS Member Access is all available for $9.99 / month or $99 / year.

Hopefully you are one of the 12,000 women who, every day, receives an email with the day's Mass readings and a corresponding devotion through Blessed Is She. Hopefully you are already engaged in the Facebook regional groups where we pray for one another, plan meet-ups, and chat about books, vocations, kids, and life. Hopefully you are following BIS on Instagram and Twitter so your feeds have beauty, truth, and love in them. All of that, sisters - all of it! - has been freely given with great quality.

I know that the $10 a month fee might be hard to fit in some of your budgets (remember my chai tea?) and I do want to acknowledge that. But I also want to say that the price is beyond fair and will help to "keep the lights on" for all the other parts of the BIS ministry that are 100% free. So I hope you can make it work for you, especially because...

I'll be teaching the next workshop - the very first one to be offered to our Members!

Mark your calendars, sign up for your Member Access, and join me Friday, July 22nd at 9pm EST for a workshop on Building Intentional Community.


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